Dear Sister


Dear Sister

May 14th, 20013

Do you know that tonight, As I’m preparing some of your “wedding thing”, I feel  so melancholic….

How should I say it to you?

The mixed feelings between happy, excited nervous and yes, I am sad….

Dear sister,  I am sad since I know that you won’t be around me few days later after your wedding day…. But yes of course I’m so happy that Finally you find your loving man.

Dear sister, now I know how’s your feeling when finally I got Married back in 2009…

Mekmok told me that you cried, you feel sad

Dear sister, but the feeling I got now is way much different from yours before. After I got married, we’ll still see each other at least once in a week on Sabbath day in church. That’s why I hate it whenever u weren’t there. (in the church)….

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