This is the first time I share the story about my kids (not my students)

So, the title “possessive” above refers to my kids? Not to my husband or my ex boyfriend?

Hahahahhaha…….yes. I’m gonna share a bit about the most possessive boy in the world.

Gavin James Siregar, was born on March 26th 2011. He is a cute baby boy ever!!!!

He has 6 teeth right now and two more teeth have peeped and more teeth to come.

As a woman, I must be proud and happy. God has given me a chance to get pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl and baby boy. I must tell you that Gavin is a boy who (almost) has no hair, dark skin (exotic) hahahhaha,,,, and his nose? Ahhh he’s just too cute…..

At the age of 7 months he can sit down by himself without any support. Another…

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