The Farmer and His Good wife #LATEPOST


Reading week

Oh what a big relief I have today….

Finally my class has done with our presentation

This week (October 29th-Novemebr 2nd) is Reading week

Each class gave presentation from any story book.

I choose a very nice book for my class presentation

We made a short drama taken from the book entitled:  “The Farmer and His good wife”

We practice the drama for almost 1 month…

Well, I salute to all my kids….they were awesome….

They did a good job…

They remember their lines….Especially Arula as the farmer, his lines is very long.

I would like to thank his mom,  who’ve been taken part in assisting Arula to practice at home.

The other kids also spoke with confidence….

Only few students who got nervous, because they performed in front of their friends and parents.

Here are the story at a glance:

““Once upon a…

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