The only sibling!

Hip hip hooray!!!!

my only sibling is turning 30 today! Dec 18th 2013

I used to call her  “dedek”, “adek” or “godek”. (Means: little sister/sibling)

But You think I still can call you lil sis?

Since you’re married now, and your not lil anymore

isn’t it?


You’re finally 30 sis!

Once I wrote  here about how sad I was knowing that she will live abroad with her husband…..

I wish its just near, somewhere in Singapore or in Asia….

Infact, it’s so far and the time difference really sucks!

When I was about to Tango her, she slept already or vice versa….

She is the only sibling I got. We’re so close each other, We fought a lot too (at least until we’re in High school.

On her Birthday today, I ‘ll give her all the best wishes.

And as the reminder………..

God has been so good to you sis!

Look, how fast and easy you got your Visa, and now Your Green Card is in your hand!

Don’t you think it’s  a great blessing?

Well, those are nothing compare with the LOVE of your family you got there

God has sent you A loving husband plus a very SWEET AND KIND Mother in Law….

and of course all your new family there are wonderful!

How can’t you Thank God?

I really hope that we can reunite soon! (woyyy tiket bali belom di book!) 😀

so, One more time, I would like to shout out loud!!!……….


My only sibling….

May God continue to bless you

Love love,

Big sissy, the garunduls and uppa

The two garunduls wish their auntie a Happy Birthday!

The two garunduls wish their auntie a Happy Birthday!