Leaving 2013

Before leaving 2013, I’m trying to recall all the good and bad things happened to me in the year of 2013

As the purpose oh having this blog is to keep all the bittersweet memories in my life.

SO, Here we go:


It’s my favourite month of the year, yes it’s my birthday! Nothing so special, But I always love and cherish this day. Last year on my birthday I got a little surprise from the parents in my class. They surprised me with a big n yummy birthday cake, they sang along with their kids (my students)…..How lovely was that?

The Birthday cake

The Birthday cake

With my K1 Students last year

With my K1 Students last year

The birthday surprise from parents and students

The birthday surprise from parents and students

Moreover, My husband bought another birthday cake from dapoer cokelat…oh no! cakes and cakes. It ruined my plan for diet. We went for a birthday dinner in Holycow Steakย to claim my free wagyu steak hahahhaa…..*ga mau rugi* ๐Ÿ˜€

2013-01-15 07.22.48

The night before, My hubby took us for an early dinner to Pancious with our lovely garunduls! So nice! ๐Ÿ˜€ ย It made me smile widely even many days after…….


This was the month which I have decided to start my diet and do some exercises. Though I have to admitt I have “a cruel intention” behind this.

LOL……….. ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s because my sister in law’s wedding on February…..Oh lalaaaaaaaaa

with Gwinette, the flower girl

with Gwinette, the flower girl



I was still on my tight diet with a tight schedule of exercising. I lost some kilos. I was so happy at that time that I finally could wore some old pants and shirt!

March 26, was the special day for me too because the boy who used to be in my arms almost all the time turned 1 year old! My endul, my Gavin…He is not the tiny baby anymore. I told the story of his birthday here.


Busy in the preparation of my sister’s wedding day for May 19th.

This has been a special month for me as well. This was related to my job.

Here i will share a glimpse of the story.

I was on term break (1 week holiday), after 4 years working in this school, I haven’t made any appointment or to make a job interview. Honestly, It just my curiosity to know how people will think about hiring a mother of two like me in a new school as a teacher. I just want to know what’s going on, out there. So I sent some of my CV to the school in Pantai indah Kapuk area. (Lots of schools there, and because its nearer to the place where I live now) Long story short, I was accepted in two different schools there. The first school, I didn’t put interest once ย know their working hour (6.30 AM-4.00 PM) *gileeee dramatis amat tuh sekolahh!*

The other school accepted me as a teacher plus as a vice principal at the same time. The school is not big, and lately I noticed the location is just near the famous “HONG TANG”….nahhhh you find it then…. ๐Ÿ˜€

They gave me an offer, but not satisfying as if I can see the load of my works will be lots and lots as a teacher + vice principal (duhhh ga kebayang dah!)

But then, I kept bargaining, and the boss there kept telling me to discuss it further with the board meeting. Finally it was stated that they could not give me more. But then, I have decided to accept the offer. The time when I told my boss in the school where I’m working now, She was so surprised. She wanted me to stay, she even begged me! I was like………….whatttt???

No, this story is not about telling how good I am as a teacher there, NO!

But I just want to tell you that sometimes, what we always tought not always right! Because, from the time I was pregnant and up till now I got two children, all I started in this school. I always thought that my boss doesn’t like me at all, because I got pregnant even in the first year working there, I often came late or being absent just because of my terrible pregnancy, and continued by being absent when my babies were sick or even when no maid to help me at home. Very bad as an employee.

So, I kept thinking that my boss will be happy by knowing that I will resign from the school. Infact, it was not true at all. She said, I have to stay because I was the first person hired here even the school building is not built yet. She said I have to stay because I have a ‘chemistry’ with this school >> the part that I couldn’t understand at all.

I kept saying no, until she said this “Joice, how about if we raise your salary again to this amount” (showing me the number)….And I was a bit surprised!

wowwww…Imanku yang lemah pun goyahhh….

Hmmmmm the offer she gave even higher than the school in PIK offered me. And after thinking this and that, I decided to stay…. *ahhh kaga dink…kagak pake this and that, sebenernya langsung syeneng liat tawarannya yang sebenernya sih ga seberapa buat sebagian orang, tapi buat saya itu lumayan buat nambah2 beli susu+diapers*


OH YES sure!!!! Thank you Dear God…


The busiest month ever. Lots of works in school, because we had end year concert and did student’s report card plus the complicated portfolio for 24 students…..and together with that, Its My sister’s wedding and a trip to Bali. I was so happy to witness my only sibling on her wedding day. Thank God, It went well….

My sister's wedding

My sister’s wedding

Bali trip

Bali trip



is a long holiday…I just stayed at home and I started Muay-Thai . At the same time, I was able to accept another side job during holiday. *lumayan buat blinji2 dikit kan* ๐Ÿ˜€


Still on holiday…………………


School started on July 18 but then we started another holiday for Idul Fitri. It’s 2,5 weeks beibehhhh! (I love my job!)

August 4th, We moved to my mom’s house. Instead of renting a house all the time, my mom decided to re- build her old house (our childhood house which very near to my mom’s house) Thank you mak!

We will stay here until the house we plan to have has settled already….*Praying and praying*

August 5, my dughter Gwinette turned 3 years old…. as I wrote it here.


The sad news came on the first day of the this month, My husband lost his job. As I have told before in my previous post. The company went bankrupt. He told me in a very calm expression. He said “No worries, God will provide!”

I was a bit upset! I was dissaponted. Why God let let this happened for the second time in our family. Last time in my second pregnancy, he resigned from his company without even get a new one (it’s a lesson, we’re too confident at that time) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I was busy with my work. I have to teach 4 private students in their homes. I was not tough enough, so ย I quit from two students, and two more students left to teach.

I have to do this in order to pay some bills.



A good news came: Uppa was finally got a new job! Praise The Lord

A sad news: He has to work a bit far, its in Cilegon. And say welcome to LDR CLUB…………

Well, whatever it is… We always feel grateful for this. For whatever condition we face. As uppa always said “No, worries, God will Provide”


The busiest month too…But who doesn’t like December?

This is the holiday season for (almost) everyone in this earth….

This month, during my 3 weeks holiday, Instead of going to muay-thai…I was busy baking and baking……hahahhahahaha

I could barely say, that 2013 is nicer and sweeter than 2012

And I really hope that 2014 is even sweeter and full of great surprises into our family!!!

Thank you Dear Lord Jesus, For your guidance and your Bountiful blessing!

Through the ย bitter and sweet things happen in ย our life, we allow you to hold our hands, to let YOUR eyes watch us in ย every steps we take…..


*my next post would be “Welcoming 2014*



13 thoughts on “Leaving 2013

  1. Wuaaahhh, ide kaleidoskopnya oke banget, Jo. Bisa dicontek, hihi…
    Aish, bentar lagi ada yg mau ultah lagi, dooonggg! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Semoga thn 2014 nanti semua2nya lebih oke dibanding 2013 ya, Jo. Aamiin…

    • soalnya aku kan ngeblog baru 1,5 tahun mba yo, itu pun baru aktif mencatat semua ya beberapa bulan terakhir ini. Di blog lamaku journalnya kebanyakan tentang program2 mengajar aku mba yo! itu salah satu awal tujuan bikin blog sebenernya, tapi lama2 malah curcolan semua ๐Ÿ™‚
      nah mumpung ada momen akhri tahun, di recap aja deh skalian per bulan.

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