Carpe Diem

So This is the first time I reblog someone’s post, I don’t know but all what mba Yoyen said here, so TRUE… I couldn’t agree more. I think the statement “better late than never” would be applicable here. WHY? Becoz as what she said, We should have done this since we are younger. But, not too late for now right mba yo???

Carpe Diem…..

Chez Lorraine

Last week Ria tagged me in a post concerning this question:

two words

The two words I want to tell my younger me are Carpe Diem or seize the day. My interpretation of this famous quote from Roman poet Horace/Horatius is do things you can do today, do not delay it. This is clear to understand but Carpe Diem means more than this to me. It is an attitude I have learned in my adult life the past 20 years. Since I was the one who suggested Ria to explain this in a blogpost, here is my share.

Here are some things I would like to tell my younger self about this Carpe Diem attitude:

Planning your life into details and stick to it doesn’t always work. Things in life do no stream smoothly exactly as you plan. There are chances to take, risks to avoid, challenges to pursue and disappointments to…

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