.You will always be my baby.


Knowing your presence in my womb ,was another blessing into my life,

Having you in my arm after your birth, was another greatest moment ever happened.

Looking how you have grown these past two years, was another amazing thing  I have witnessed….

The sleepless nights that we have been through during your first year has taught me, those are moments to be cherished in the future…

I am sorry that sometimes I complain a lot about your possessiveness to me….

But by the time now I see that this is just another way you tell me how much you need me, how much you love me….

And today as I pray to God,

I asked HIM to protect you with HIS holy angels from heaven.

I asked HIM to give you courage to stand still for anything that will shake your life in the future.

I asked HIM to give you healthiness spritually, mentally, and phsycally.

I asked HIM to give you wisdom so you can choose the right path in every step that you take.

I asked HIM to give you a heart with full of compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.

I asked HIM to give you a helpful hand, so others will see love through your life.

I asked HIM  to give you a heartful smile, so others will see joy through your life.


What else that I should ask God to do for you?

Oh wait!!!!!

I think I have asked GOD too much…. and its the other way round, now I think God wants me to do  lot of things  to you first….

God wanted me to portect you,

to encourage and motivate you,

to teach you good things,

to be patient to you,

to understand your character,

to spend more time with you,

to speak gently to you,

to be your role model,

and yes of course to be wiser and wiser each day….

So I will witness someday that you’re going to say : “your the most wonderful mom in the world, and I should thank God .”

(well, not really…..but if only God allow this to happen, then I must be the happiest person in the universe) 🙂


And today MARCH 26th 2014, I have seen you blowing your birthday candle with a joyful heart,.

We have been practicing the birthday song since last month (because I’m too excited and so happy for you son!)

Have a happiest Birthday to my Dearest son GAVIN JAMES SIREGAR…...

You are my wonderful 2 years old baby boy!

I will cherish every moment that we have been through…..





-A happy mom, with smile on her face seeing his little baby boy is turning TWO today-


PS:This was written a night before Gavin’s birthday, and edited in the following day and finally publish it…..and so sorry for the “sok romantis” thing in this post!!! LOL 😀