What would you do..when you’re angry?Feeling upset… very very upset? I tried to inhale and exhale, hoping that inhale and exhale would lessen my anger feeling… but sometimes its so difficult…so difficult to manage your feeling and to defeat yourself at the moment that anger happen .Sometimes I feel there are two persons living in my body. One said: “go just blow it up…”
The other one said: “control yourself,,,calm down!”

which one do you usually follow?
Most of the times I still follow the first one… I still cannot manage it. I’m still a looser for myself….

Reading some journals like “carpe diem” belongs to mbak yo could help me to control such feeling. But at the end, I notice that I just need time to make peace with myself… very often I should wait at minimum 1 hour to calm down myself…but it depends, it depends on how hard the person who made me upset to apologize….hahaha….no this is actually only applicable for uppa (the one that made me upset yesterday) lol…lol… 😀
*udah baek’an lagi sikkk*  :)))

Anger oh anger
Why its so difficult to defeat you?
Well, writing this post is just another way too for me to lessen that anger feeling…..

How about you? What would you do to make peace with yourself?
How long will you feel calm down after showing your anger?

*elus2 dada*
*dada Lee Min Ho*