Whats up Dude? Feel too much already?

Whats up ?

Whats app?

Yeah its actually about “Whatss app” one of the best media communication used by most of people nowdays.

In this post, I would like to tell you about how I feel too much already with some of social media.

My life has been so busy even without this social media, and now lots and lots of different kinds of social media.

Allisa has described cleary about this on her last post and I just want to tell what I’ve just experienced lately.

So, two months a go I decided to deactivate my account in PATH, one of the famous socmed and widely used too. I have made my account there since last year maybe, but I rarely open or make an update. After few months I was so eager to know why do people really love PATH, so I tried to figure it out by posting some pictures, updates the satus…or telling that I woke up or slept already (Isn’t this such a fool???) HAAAAAA…..forgive me! but then I just noticed that I started to enjoy of using PATH.

For me, PATH is not any better than Facebook. People may leave facebook, but I can’t. I love seeing my albums there. It’s like a journey of my life. At least since 2008 when I started to have an account there. I love seeing the journey of Gwinette and Gavin too (esp Gwinette).

Until I noticed that my finger was like automatically pointing to  the letter “P” which means PATH and open it and started to enjoy it. Then I start to think again. Is this right? having too much socmed in life…? I have facebook and still active, and the most socmed being used now is INSTAGRAM and this WORDPRESS. Twitter is rarely opened too.

So, before its too late, before I come so far, then I write on PATH

“Dear Friends, sorry I’m gonna shut down my account in PATH, but you still can meet me in FB, IG and WP, and of course in a real life, bye for now”

So, that’s it!


Yeahhhh I did it!!!!

but hmmmmm wait….I was keen to know whether some of them in PATH were looking for me or asking my reason to shut down my account in path. (between KEPO and GR yaaa bokkk) LoL



But wait! there’s another thing which became the biggest distraction last week during my first week of holiday.

I was invited to a group of my highschool friends in WHATSS APP.

Well, actually they have it in BBM before but I never join the discussion. Then they move it to WHATSS APP.  Still, I never join the discussion. One of them texted me, she told me that I was snob that i never join the conversation. So I apoligize and I told her the reason.

Sure I want to join, but on the working days while I’m at school with my students from 7.30-12.00 I cannot even grab my cellphone because I have to be with the kids. NO COMPROMISE. Except during snack time 10.00-10.45 sometimes I check my phone in case there’s a news from the parents of my students. Or maybe I need to text the classmom too about an urgent information regarding to my afterschool activities.

So, as I said before, I was too busy at school taking care of the kids and of course teaching. I can start relaxing by 1.15 on my lunch time. After we dismissed the students then we can turn on the radio, checking our cellphone (but not al the time) while preparing our teaching materials for the following day.

Therefore, when I started my holiday last Monday, I peep my whatsapp and ohhh Goshhh! the notification were hundreds and thousands in a day! CRAZY! WHAT HAVE THEY DISCUSSED ABOUT?

So, here it is…..I was tempted to join the discussion because they mentioned my name too, I just can’t help it…It’s so crowded there! I JUST CAN’T STOP LAUGHING….the jokes were so funny! HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES ARE SO PRECIOUS!

Look at the picture below, One of our friend senT this and we were all laughing  just by looking at our innocent face back then, and we started to discuss anout what we wrote in our senior yearbook. Oh man! It was so silly…look at mine! My name is not JOICE GHEA LIMBONG…we just add that GHEA as our fake name (all the girsl in my class have fake name before) LOL….. till now I don’t even know whats the purpose but we really enjoy it.

Then you must see what’s my ambition there! what?? KETUA PARPOL!!!




Then, until last Sunday, I noticed That its too much already…. I was too busy involving in the discussion. REALLY, I JUST CAN’T HELP IT…..it made me laughing so widely…..

I realize that I need to finish my small project, yeah I have something to do, but because I was actively joining the highschoool friends in WA group….I abandoned my small project. so….I’m proudly saying that..


yes, I’d better out because  I feel its so time consuming now!

THE BIGGEST DISTRACTION EVER..on my first week of holiday.

How about BBM? well, this is rarely used too. I only talk actively in BBM with mamak SONDANG…..(LATELY) but I promise not to disturb her very often. HEHEHEHE….peace mak!!! 😀

Some of my friends in WA group were asking too why I left the group, I just said that I need to concentrate on few things at the moment. But I have save their phone number in my phone book before I left. So I still can contact them personally.


Yessss…I think I need to do this….In order to get a REAL LIFE!

isn’t it?

SO, what’s up dude? Feel too much already?





30 Days Music Challenge- Day 15 & 16

Day 15: A Song that describes you

Haaaaaa makin kesini makin susah aja ini 30 days music challenge. Coba inget-inget lagu yang menggambarkan diri sendiri…yo opo to yoooooo?

Ya sudah, sebagai penggemar Bon Jovi jaman SMP dulu, saya persembahkan lagu ini aja ya:


Saya suka liriknya, musiknya semuanyaaa……Dan saya pikir saya mau menjalani hidup seperti dilagu ini…..

Better stand tall when they’re calling you out 
Don’t bend, don’t break, baby, don’t back down 

It’s my life
And it’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive
(It’s my life)
My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just want to live while I’m alive
‘Cause it’s my life


Day 16: A song tha u used to love but now hate

Dulu pas awal-awal denger lagu ini suka banget apalagi doi masih pendatang baru dan masih jarang diputar di radio. Dengernya lewat  youtube, langsung download di HP, eh trus lama-lama pengen tau liriknya….isshhh langsung ilfil masakkkkk…….

Dulu saya pernah bilang kan kalo saya ga suka banget lagu ini.


YES, Someone like you- nya si Adele ini sungguh macam pembodohan bagi kaum jomblo yang baru diputus pacar. Gak bisa move on. Saking ga bisa move on nya sampe-sampe musti dapet pacar yang someone like you, like ur ex! *pitessss* 😀

Akhirnya saking saya sebelnya ama tuh lagu, dan ya ampun sering amit diputer ya dimana-mana…..yaudin instead of nyanyiin dengan lirik yang sebenernya saya ganti liriknya:

“Never mind I’ll find someone better than you, (MAKSAAAA)

I wish nothing but the worse for you…….

Please forget me…I beg……”


*SUNGKEM ama Fansnya ADELE”


Yaabis gimana dang? kita pe mantan so punya maitua baru….masih mau berharap dapat paitua yang sarupa deng dia? ngana pikir jo!!!!

huaaaahahahaha……..sinyal kepada siapakah ini???

*krikkk krikkkkkkkk*


yah pokoknya intinya gitu deh…itu lagu paling menye-menye sedunia ternyata…padahal tadinya suka sih…..




30 Days Music Challenge- Day 13 & Day14


Day 13: A Song that a guilty pleasure

Huaaaa nyaris lupa ada 30 days music challenge…..udah ketinggalan berapa hari lah ini…..oke ini day 13 apeuuu lagi ya… As song that a guilty pleasure.

Oke saya anggap ini lagu yang saya suka dengernya tapi sebenernya kalo di telusuri liriknya gak sesuai ama keinginnan kita or in a simple way, we just don’t agree.

So saya pilih lagu dari DIDO- All You Want

lirik awalnya: I like to watch you sleep at night,

To hear you breath, by my side…..

Bagus banget ya…..romantis banget! eh tapi jangan ketipu ama lirik awal. Coba aja lanjutannya…duh ngenes banget! Sebel deh…tapi ya gitu deh karena terlanjur suka ama lirik awal, saya jadi suka banget lagu ini dari jaman Dido keluarin album. Liriknya liat aja ada video yang saya tayangin.


Day 14: A Song that no one would expect you to love

Lagu yang ga disangka-sangka bakal disukai…adalah lagunya Joss Stone.

Tadinya Biasa aja deh sama lagunya, dah gitu ga terlalu suka liat Joss Stone ini dulu. Eh tapi ternyata kece berat ya. Pernah dateng ke Jakarta kalo ga salah pas Java Jazz tapi sayang ga bisa nonton.

Oke lagu paling heits dari Joss Stone : YOU HAD ME!

lagu girl power ini sih….