Whats up Dude? Feel too much already?

Whats up ?

Whats app?

Yeah its actually about “Whatss app” one of the best media communication used by most of people nowdays.

In this post, I would like to tell you about how I feel too much already with some of social media.

My life has been so busy even without this social media, and now lots and lots of different kinds of social media.

Allisa has described cleary about this on her last post and I just want to tell what I’ve just experienced lately.

So, two months a go I decided to deactivate my account in PATH, one of the famous socmed and widely used too. I have made my account there since last year maybe, but I rarely open or make an update. After few months I was so eager to know why do people really love PATH, so I tried to figure it out by posting some pictures, updates the satus…or telling that I woke up or slept already (Isn’t this such a fool???) HAAAAAA…..forgive me! but then I just noticed that I started to enjoy of using PATH.

For me, PATH is not any better than Facebook. People may leave facebook, but I can’t. I love seeing my albums there. It’s like a journey of my life. At least since 2008 when I started to have an account there. I love seeing the journey of Gwinette and Gavin too (esp Gwinette).

Until I noticed that my finger was like automatically pointing to  the letter “P” which means PATH and open it and started to enjoy it. Then I start to think again. Is this right? having too much socmed in life…? I have facebook and still active, and the most socmed being used now is INSTAGRAM and this WORDPRESS. Twitter is rarely opened too.

So, before its too late, before I come so far, then I write on PATH

“Dear Friends, sorry I’m gonna shut down my account in PATH, but you still can meet me in FB, IG and WP, and of course in a real life, bye for now”

So, that’s it!


Yeahhhh I did it!!!!

but hmmmmm wait….I was keen to know whether some of them in PATH were looking for me or asking my reason to shut down my account in path. (between KEPO and GR yaaa bokkk) LoL



But wait! there’s another thing which became the biggest distraction last week during my first week of holiday.

I was invited to a group of my highschool friends in WHATSS APP.

Well, actually they have it in BBM before but I never join the discussion. Then they move it to WHATSS APP.  Still, I never join the discussion. One of them texted me, she told me that I was snob that i never join the conversation. So I apoligize and I told her the reason.

Sure I want to join, but on the working days while I’m at school with my students from 7.30-12.00 I cannot even grab my cellphone because I have to be with the kids. NO COMPROMISE. Except during snack time 10.00-10.45 sometimes I check my phone in case there’s a news from the parents of my students. Or maybe I need to text the classmom too about an urgent information regarding to my afterschool activities.

So, as I said before, I was too busy at school taking care of the kids and of course teaching. I can start relaxing by 1.15 on my lunch time. After we dismissed the students then we can turn on the radio, checking our cellphone (but not al the time) while preparing our teaching materials for the following day.

Therefore, when I started my holiday last Monday, I peep my whatsapp and ohhh Goshhh! the notification were hundreds and thousands in a day! CRAZY! WHAT HAVE THEY DISCUSSED ABOUT?

So, here it is…..I was tempted to join the discussion because they mentioned my name too, I just can’t help it…It’s so crowded there! I JUST CAN’T STOP LAUGHING….the jokes were so funny! HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES ARE SO PRECIOUS!

Look at the picture below, One of our friend senT this and we were all laughing  just by looking at our innocent face back then, and we started to discuss anout what we wrote in our senior yearbook. Oh man! It was so silly…look at mine! My name is not JOICE GHEA LIMBONG…we just add that GHEA as our fake name (all the girsl in my class have fake name before) LOL….. till now I don’t even know whats the purpose but we really enjoy it.

Then you must see what’s my ambition there! what?? KETUA PARPOL!!!




Then, until last Sunday, I noticed That its too much already…. I was too busy involving in the discussion. REALLY, I JUST CAN’T HELP IT…..it made me laughing so widely…..

I realize that I need to finish my small project, yeah I have something to do, but because I was actively joining the highschoool friends in WA group….I abandoned my small project. so….I’m proudly saying that..


yes, I’d better out because  I feel its so time consuming now!

THE BIGGEST DISTRACTION EVER..on my first week of holiday.

How about BBM? well, this is rarely used too. I only talk actively in BBM with mamak SONDANG…..(LATELY) but I promise not to disturb her very often. HEHEHEHE….peace mak!!! 😀

Some of my friends in WA group were asking too why I left the group, I just said that I need to concentrate on few things at the moment. But I have save their phone number in my phone book before I left. So I still can contact them personally.


Yessss…I think I need to do this….In order to get a REAL LIFE!

isn’t it?

SO, what’s up dude? Feel too much already?





35 thoughts on “Whats up Dude? Feel too much already?

  1. Every time I am/was added to a WhatsApp chatgroup I leave the group immediately. Be it Indonesian (school) friends or even my Dutch colleagues, it is indeed too much. For my Indonesian friends I use this valid reason: time difference 🙂 And not to mention some people who forward everything to the group. Disturbing info and quite annoying Jo. I am with you on this!

    • Hehehe… true mba yo! Aku baru aktif 1 minggu and I feel I started to like it… and before its too late I left the group.anyway I still can chat with them personally. Bcoz the hundreds notification sometimes annoyed too

  2. Aku yang gak aktif di twitter skrg. FB masih sesekali, tinggal Path & IG aja yang masih rajin di update.

    BBM cuma ke beberapa orang.

    Grup WA hanya ibu2 sekolah anak2 dan ibu2 arisan komplek. Penting banget merapat ke mereka, walo hampir gak pernah komen di grup hahahahaha

    eh bookkk … cita2 kau seram kali mak!

    KETUA PARPOL aja gitu …. hahahahaha

    • Hahahaha cita2 ter silly itu mba de.
      Eh aku juga ga pernah komen di group bbm emak2 ortu dikelas gwinette….jaim soalnya guru juga kan hahahaha

    • Path mah sambe mawon ama fb…cuma beda kapasitas friendlist…jadi tak apalah tak punya. Ga bikin hidup kita menderita juga kan ya….lol 🙂

      • well, sebenernya sih alasan dulu ga buat path. Karena bossku (dulu) pasti add dan males dengerin mak2 komen. Hahahahah. Jadi kuputuskan utk ga buat, daripada nanti ga di approve friend request dia, trus nanya2 kan ya males bingung jawabnya. Hihihi

      • Hahaha good decision! Me too! Di Fb ada si bu boss yg dah lama nangkring di friend request.tp ga kunjung diapprove *bahawanGaTauDiri*

  3. What’sup Jo!:mrgreen::mrgreen:
    I have Whatsapp but never get involved in group thingy. Whatsapp for me just for chatting with my mum and bro in Jkt (and sharing pictures instantly) and some closed friends thru wifi so don’t use up my data/pulse. Personally Whatsapp is fine by me😄 Agree, having too many socmed is wasting our time. Unless you are very discipline with yourself. I have fb, path, ig, twitter, and wordpress. Like you, I still like my fb more than Path. Path is famous amongst Indonesian I think, as none of my western friends know let alone have path😛 So my Path is mostly for my closes friends in Indonesia and some in here too. Twitter I don’t really use it as I don’t get twit back as often, so just feel like i am talking to myself only😛 So far my active socmeds are FB, IG, & WordPress. Happy Tuesday, Jo! xx

    • Duhhhh mba Ria,,,,,,akhirnya ngubek2 comments dan ternyata nyasar ke pending comments….entah kenapa…..hehehe maap yaaaa
      eh sama mba aku pun akhirnya milih 3 ini: FB, IG dan WP…di twitter cuma kalo lagi mau cari berita2 or info aja. Sekarang pun jarang banget.
      Orang indo emang paling aktif disemua socmed yang teranyar ya mba….huhuhu….dapet salam deh kita dari friendster….*jadul*
      Have a good night 🙂

    • Buahahahha….. takut liat bayang2 mantan ya mak! *ehhh??*
      Hahaha gw pun waktu itu aktif ditwitter cuma menjelang konser the cardigans biar update info2nya. Setelah itu jarang ditengokin. Path ini nih yg bikin ga ngerti… kok ya sama aja ama fb. Cuma beda kapasitas friend listnya aja….

  4. Kak Jooo.. Aku yg kuliah di IT ga freak2 amat ama socmed hahaha. Inget dulu bikin facebook pas udah lulus SMA tahun 2009, sebelumnya temen2 udah aktif duluan tp aku oke2 aja telat gitu. Sekarang cm aktif di twitter krn nyari berita dan loker, even w/o path insta pinterest aku msi bisa hidup hehe. WA dan BBM pun aku pake seperlunya aja.

  5. ya sebenernya itu pinter2nya kita ngatur jadwal aja kali ya. disesuaikan ama jadwal sehari2 kita. 🙂
    yang pasti jangan main socmed cuma karena ikut2an. hahaha. gua dari dulu gak suka fb jadi gak pernah punya fb sampe sekarang. sama juga ama path, gak pernah pengen juga walaupun banyak orang berbondong2 ke path dan belakangan banyak yang berbondong2 keluar dari path. hahaha. 😛

    gua sekarang masih suka main IG dan blog aja.
    WA juga pake buat komunikasi. gak pake group2an. 😀

    • Kalo dah keasikan..mau ga mau ganggu juga. Buat gw pribadi mending ga usah ikutan sama sekali. Paling ganggu itu si chat group di WA. Seminggu doank aktifnya. Abis itu nyadar udah ganggu banget. Makanya left group skalian. WA dipake buat yg penting2 aja. Dulu bikin Path penasaran aja. Tp ga pernah update sampe bbrp bulan pertama. Pas mulai aktif,ngerasa mulai asik baru deh nyadar mending deactivate skalian. Cape juga kan. At least this is how I control myself 🙂

  6. Btw aku dgn sopan menolak lho diinvite ke grup WA keluarga atau temen SMA. Tau diri aja sih: sumbu sabarku itu pendek. Ngabisin batre. And I dont miss my highschool friends that much, hihihi. BBM akhirnya kuhapus krn yg kuajak ngobrol disana cm 2: mamak sondang dan best friend jaman SMPku. Tp yg nyebelin di BBM lbh byk lagi: org yg kepo dan customer alay 😆

    • Hahahaha…..gile keluarga pun ada groupchatnya ya. Aku paling genggeus itu yg groupchat tmn2 sma. Isinya 50 orang haissss. Non stop 24 jam. Krna yg tinggal di luar negri juga kan pada aktif ngobrol.ampe ada shift 1 dan shift 2 nya bok. Tanpa groupchat itu aja aku dah tergoda liat IG dan WP…. tambahlah si WA…. udah ga bener. Dan ternyata setelah out dari group chat itu dan deactivate path…. hidup biasa aja yaaaa…. ga ada yg berubah. Btw kalo IG aku masih susah deh. Masih cinta. Ntar ga bisa liat masakan2 mamak2 kece itu tyk. Dan foto2 sydneymu….. hahahaaha…..

  7. Me dont use fb n twitter much now. The only one yg masih aktif n addict banget ya IG jo ahahaha ( maapken yaa klo TL mu banjir ma foto2ku ) path udah jarang n rada males gitu. Palingan buat update listen2 lagu aja si ✌️😃

    • Dulu aku juga udah pengen tutup fb eh tp sayang deh suka aja liat2 foto2 dulu.
      Btw I enjoy ur pictures kok niss… apalagi udah di sf. Lumayan buat ngayal2…. kapan ye beneran kesana…hahahha….eh liat foto bazyl dan ootd mu juga menyegarkan kok 🙂

  8. FB, Path, IG, twitter, WA Group punya semua dengan tujuan yg beda-beda.. kalau FB like you said emang buat keep memory itu enak banget terutama photo album Baron mulai dari lahir s.d sekarang dan notes (dulu aktif setelah multiply, sekarang sejak ada wordpress yaa otomatis gak kepake lagi) dan untuk FB aku tetep mau pertahanin…
    Kalau path untuk iseng2 gak penting dan mayoritas buat re-path foto/poster yg informatif (soal parenting) atau yg lucu2 (model “khong guan” gitu hahaha), di-minimize utk yg sifatnya personal or even selfie.. IG murni buat narsis dan lagi addicted niiiih hehehe… twitter uda mulai on off sih, yg ini murni buat nyampah atau ikutan kuis yang gak pernah menang juga hahahaha.. but anyway semua gak aku sync/link jadi isinya emang beda2 tergantung keperluan.. WA Group dipake utk info2 seputar keluarga, RT, gank jaman kuliah.. somehow gak terlalu mengganggu sih mungkin karena sama2 sibuk jd postingnya juga memang yg perlu2 aja.. sometimes juga buat refreshing becandaan gak penting dan tetep menghibur 😀

    • Buahahahaha…..tossss, sama! aku juga sering ikut2 kuis ditwitter dan ga pernah menang. Eh tapi satu kali aku menang dan itu emang ngotot banget musti menang. Pas The Cardigans mau datang konser ke jkt thn 2012 lalu.
      Aku pengen menang dapet tiket Meet and greetnya……
      lumayanlah itu twitter jadi dipeantengin mulu. Kelar konser, uwesss jarang liat2 twitter lagi 🙂
      IG emang bikin addicted..belum bisa nih lepasin IG

      • Biar gak terlalu mengganggu, khusus FB dan Path aku lock untuk friends aja.. twitter dan IG juga tadinya aku lock tapi akhirnya aku open karena suka ikut kuis itu tadi hahahaha…..

  9. Ho oooh, grup grupan itu aku cuma punya the girls -nota bene temen hampir 18 tahun- , ebo ebo tum bandung -circle di bandung udah tahun ke 4 ajeee- dan grup satu seksi dan grup ebo-ebo sekolahan. Yang paling aktif ya the girls, tiap hari pasti ada chat tapi durasinya gak lama. Aku paling suka sama ini, keep us in touch regularly almost everyday, ditunggu-tunggu juga karena I love them so much, dan tidak terlalu lama sampe menyita waktu.Bisa diatur karena jumlahnya anggota cuman 7. Kalo yang ebo-ebo TUM sama kantor hahahah itu godaan dan karena buanyak jumlah anggotanya, jadi aku udah pasang batasan, cuma dibuka malem bgt atau pas istirahat. Resikonya emang sering gak bisa respon langsung sama chat-nya. Grup ebo ebo sekolahan itu occasionally bgt, kalo pas ada kegiatan apa gitu di sekolah. Aku keluar dr grup keluarga krn bersepupu ada 20 an orang juga heboh aaaah aku tak tahan nanti mantengin HP mulu.
    Skrg aku cuma indulge di WordPress (pastinyaaaa), IG karena seneng aja poto dan langsung simpen buat rekam jejak dan actually paling bikin sreg karena di private -I’m thinking about private-in my blog too, considering mengingat aku rada bocor – si twitter masih penting bgt buat info cepat.
    Gadget ini emang pelan pelang menguasai kok. Aku pernah bete ketinggalan hape, dan trus kupikir ya buset ngapain bete , aku bawa buku dan berita sepenting apa sih yang akan kulewatkan hanya karena gak bawa hape sehari

    • Hi ho makkkk
      Dikarnakan kita baru saja bertemu didunia nyata dan ini udah kita bahas, maka tak perlulah lagi kubahas ya tentang si sosmed ini.
      Mengingat twittnya si Dee (bahhh dee melulu ye?) katanya, kita udah terlalu sering nunduk kebawah liat gadget, dan menjadikan kita jarang melemparkan pandangan kesekitar dan kita jadi jarang berkhayal.
      Eh pas kupikir2 bener juga ya, soalnya dulu kita punya banyak khayalan (buat inspirasi cerpen) karena sering bengong ga ada gadget buat diutak-atik macam sekarang. 😀

  10. Aku ga pake twitter ma path, ka Jo. Males aja punya banyak2 account.
    Setuju, kadang group gitu emang agak “menganggu” kalo berbunyi terus di saat kita lagi sibuk.
    Sekarang juga mulai mengurangi group 😛
    Btw, cita2 nya keren ka Jo, jadi ketua parpol 😀

    • Group masih ada beberapa sih sur, tapi ga aktif banget kayak group chat temen2 SMA ku itu, jadi gak ganggu.
      Kalo yang ini 24 jam nonstop, makanya aku left group aja, dah negaras mulai gannggu

      itu cita-cita yang sungguh abstrak deh kayaknya… LOL

  11. Hahahaha…edaaaa…isshh..gila kali lah itu cita-citanya. Bisa gitu da kepikiran soal jadi ketua parpol? Hahahahaha…gak jadi presiden aja sekalian da? LOL

    Kalo soal media sosial, i don’t have to comment lah yaaa…dikau udah tau lah gimana pendapat aku soal media sosial ini 😀

    • Hahahaha…akupun heran daaaa
      Entah apa yang kupikirkan dulu, kok bisa-bisanya pengen
      jadi ketua parpol.
      Eh tapi tahun 1999 kan itu jamannya pemilu bukan ya…?
      kayaknya terinspirasi dari situ deh.
      Plus jaman aku SMU emand sukaa ngomongin politik, sekarang boro2…. 😀

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