What a tough game!

I can’t hardly wait to post this…
I’m not a big fans of Germany though. But I love to see this team.
Pemain masih muda, pelatih terkece sedunia, I mean kenapa si Joachim Low ini sangat2 kulkas ya bok tampangnya.  emoticon yang tepat buat dia mungkin adalah straight face…. ahhhh kece beratlah….

Anyway… liat muka Lionel messi yang kalah itu bener2 ga tega deh rasanya….  I pukpuk his face through my tv screen. I MEAN…I LITERALLY TOUCH MY TV SCREEN….lol

Pak suami alias uppa went straight to bed…. sedih diana bok…tim fav nya Aregentina kalah. Jadi emang si uppa dari dulu suka tim amerika latin. Macam Brazil dan argentina sedangkan saya Eropah bangetlah…(gayaa)

As I told you before bahwa tim favorit saya dari jaman piala dunia taon 90an adalah Inggris is my number 1 team..however this team always failed even in the beginning of the game. Heran ya padahal pemain bagus2 dan main di Liga yang bagus juga *peyuk Adam Lallana,Gerrard,Lampard,eh Michael Owen boleh juga walau dah ga maen* hiksss

And my number 2 is SPAIN…sayang banget pelatihnya ga wise…. pake taktik yang sama dengan pemain yang udah beda. Itu nyawa mereka si puyol dah ga ada, Villa juga dimainkan pas trakhir2, pokoknya katrok dah!..syebellllll

Ga usah heran saya jadi makin ga suka liat Tim Oranje (hihihi sungkem dulu ama mba yo and mamak sondang) yah gegara ini…spain dibantai ama belande 5-1…. pedihhh sodaraaaaa…pedihhh!!! Sakitnya tuh disini….. *nunjuk dada*

Overall, this world cup has ended beautifully because Germany finally won and they are as my cadangan tim favorit…hahaha bisa ajee ya…ampe punya 3 tim fav. Yahhh bukannya apa2 sih..jadi kalo yang satu kalah ga sedih2 amat karena masih punya tim fav cadangan. :))))))

Today’s match was very tough…no goal until they played for additional time…which I thought there will be a penalty war….. but then this cute lil boy (I mean yes he’s cute and still look like adek2) Mario Goetze has been a savior of today’s match from the penalty war…. I hate penalty…and I guess no one like it right?


Too bad my yayang Thomas Muller (I love this boy too..) ga bikin gol di final match ini.

So, what have I enjoyed from this world cup? Oh come’ on!!!beside the game itself of course I enjoy looking at how cute and handsome those soccer player are…

Adam Lallana from England (he plays in liverpool) take a look at this pic



I think all of the hard work of Germany has paid off…. and as we know that one of their player has to fight till bleeding and fell down so many times ( I dunno if its just a drama) but looking at the blood in his face…Bastian Schweinsteiger, I think he deserves to be called as a hero for today’s match… beside Goetze of course… later maybe Mey the big fans of Germany will tell us in detail….

What a tough game Germany, Argentina…… but Messi stil have one last chance in the next world cup in Russia before he retired…

And maybe the most happiest person today is Klose, as this is his last World cup match and he’s able to defeat Ronaldo as the top scorrer… 16 goals ladies and gemtleman…could anyone beat him? I guess Muller could.

GOOD JOB Argentina, good Job Messi

*Typing this post while waiting for my turn to take a shower…uppa abuse the toilet much! Its ok..I let him… since his team lost and he needs to rush to go his office out of town..Cilegon, ok uppa is done and I have to go now…sorry for lots of typo..I’ll fix it later*

Have a good Monday my Friends!!!!!!