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Hello there! It’s been  hectic days I have here. This time I would like to write another ‘not-so-important’ thing. It’s still related to my 1st blogiversary few days ago. As I told you in my previous-previous post, this blog is not my first blog. But this blog is the one that leads me into this addiction.Haaaaaa….true! blogging is addictive right? who’s with me?

Well, in this post I will tell you how I could finally put this ‘blogging activity’ as my new addiction. As we all now, few days ago this blog just turned 1 year, still baby, still needs to learn so many things. Actually it’s been two years using wordpress but the first blog I have before is no longer active and there are only few journals published there. (I haven’t really into this blogging yet at that time). I can give you hundreds of reasons about why I’ve just started blogging actively in these past two years, or maybe let’s  just say ONE YEAR. Yeah as cliche as it may sounds, that having two babies and being a working mom has made my world upside down, yet so fun and memorable. But why there are so many moms out there, working and having babies without maid and bla-bla-bla…still manage to update their blog? Let me tell you, that this is not about whether you have time or not to do certain activity, but it’s about your passion. The passion itself will lead you into ‘willingness’ of doing that certain activity. So, as Sondang wrote once on her journal that we can’t have it all. Means, when you really want to write or update your journal but seems your time is so limited, then you should willing to sacrifice your time (which is actually not good, but it’s ok just for one-two hours right?) 😀  >> emak-emak cari pembenaran…hahahaha

So, what is actually my point by talking about ‘passion’ and ‘willingness’? what’s the relation to this blogging activity? Ok, I’m a bit RANDOM tonight, as I wrote this, I’m so emotional towards the AC in our room….errrrr so hawwwtttt!!!!

Back to the topic, yes I think, two years ago, I haven’t put my attention to this blog, sometimes i forgot that I have blog that needs to be updated. Until I found interesting people to follow and read their journals, and yes that’s how that addiction started. Please allow me to give you a picture of my journey in this wordpress. It’s kinda like a short history of people I know from this blog.

1. Smita/petitepoppies ( LOVE, LAUGH, LIFE)

I found her through twitter when The Cardigans was about to held their concert in Jakarta 2 years ago. Her writing about the experience of watching the concert has given me an idea to write the same thing. I should keep this unforgetable story by writing every details of it. (I’m The Cardigans freak, just in case you forget about that fact…lol :D) >> MINTA DI BEKEP BANGET DEH GUE YAK!!! BOSEN WOYY THE CARDIGANS MULUK!! 😀 *biarin ahhh….* Reading Smita’s journal has also triggered me to write whatever topic goes in my mind. In my previous blog I wrote more on teaching’s stuff and wrote all the journals in English. (With mu bad English writing skill). However, it turned out to be so boring and made me so difficult to develop another writing ideas. Writing journals in Indonesian is difficult, all the more with English. But here I am, will still learn from all of you guys.

2. Sondang (Let’s love and faithfulness never leave us)

I read Sondang’s long comment on smita’s journal. So I clicked her ‘nyengir’ profile picture…..and yes I was reading her journals thoroughly….and felt so surprised that she replied my comment (namanya pun pemula ya bok! girang abisss kalo liat kuning2 notifikasi komen..HAHAAHAHA) What made me felt so connected to Sondang? not just because we came from the same hometown and tribes, but because I love the way she wrote, exactly the same when she spoke. Sondang is the only blogger that I’ve met in person. She’s such a nice one…..And one thing I love from her journals is, I know about teachers, and all school’s stuffs from parents’ side/opinion…..Feels so blessed as a preschool teacher knowing that there are parents who know how to appreciate the teachers of their kids. Thank you kakak Sondang! ( I feel weird by calling her kakak…hahahahha *minta dijitak*)

3) Fitri (Baginda Ratu)

Ahhhh really miss this person in blogging world! It’s been a long time no see her updates, I think since she moved to her new office. I know mba Fitri from who? of course from Sondang, and I think most of the blogs I follow now are known from Sondang. Mba Fitri is one of my hero in this wordpress world. Why is that? yes, because she’s the one who taught me how to work with the features in WP. She is my TUTOR! FOR FREE!!! ahhh I will treat you ice cream once we meet ok mba fit?(ishhhh! amit2 deh jo,,,cuma es krim doank mah!) hahaha…..joke! 😀

4) Yoyen (Chezz Lorraine) who don’t know this famous blogger? yeah through her awesome writings everybody know her so well right? I found her through teppy (teppy from smita>>jiah muter2 aja disitu yak) 😀

Mba Yo lives in Arnhem, Netherland (cmiiw), she has a beautiful teenager daughter, she is a foodie, and she hates being called as: cynnn, or bun (bunda). BUAHAHAHAHA…INI MAH NYONTEK 20 FACTS ABOUT ME nya mba Yo di IG yak! 😀 *ngikik*

I love all her writing. From her, I got many lesson in life. She sent me a magnet fridge. She gave it for free just because I answered her simple question whether or not she would change her theme for her blog. Few months ago I was able to be one of the winner of her blogiversary giveaway….ouwwwww thank you for another gift mbak yo. Hopefully we could meet in person one day! 😀

So that’s how I found all others bloggers here. Maya (yang rajin banget bawa oleh-oleh kalo liburan dari bali) Mba Noni (yang suka cerita tentang Medan dan bikin kangen pulkam), Tyke (yang postingannya kadang bikin ngakak), Mba De (si wanita gagah gemulai-lembut perkasa) , Ko Arman (yang paling rajin komen….hebat deh tapi Maya sih yang jumlah komen terbanyak di blog ini…hehe),mba Fe (yang keliling2 melulu…enaknyaa) Ka Nella (yang selalu kasih info tentang tanaman),Messa (yang postingannya bikin Iri… karena dia jalan2 melulu..apalagi cerita dia Ke NZ…

Juga ada Messa ( Messa ini keren banget hasil jepretannya) Mba Ria (yang kece banget dan punya 2 twin boys yang guantengg banget, aku ngefans!), Nissa (yang selalu tampil kece biar kata mukanya diterpa angin badai….hahahaha liat foto2mu waktu di SF nis…), Dhira (yang menjadi temen patungan gue beli novel box setnya AleaZalea..hahahha), Dani (yang narsisnya gak ketulungan,,,,hahahha…peace Dan!), Eda (yang pernah bikin giveaway dan akuh jadi pemenang pertamanya….uhyyy!) Teh Dewi (Yang soleha dan ramah sekali….juga suka share foto di IG dan bikin mupeng mau ke Jerman…uuhhhh), Mba Tituk(yang resep-resep kuenya kece! resep muffin anti gagal), Oppie, Etty (yang lucunya kebangetan) Alissa(which now we call ‘eda’ to each other, karena eh karena ‘eda’ itu panggilan untuk orang batak. Alisa diangkat jadi boru batak dan dikasih marga yang kebetulan sama ama marga uppa), maria , dian dan ahhhh  and many more.

Lately I have another new friends (I could define friends in blogging by looking the number of comments we made each other) hahahha….so by what then? kinda difficult to define friendship in blogging world rite?

Now I know Puji, Mey, Gege (Grace),Zilko, Mba Dita, who else? yes all of you who read this post.

Do I have favourite blogger in wordpress? of course I do.

1) Mey- The Sanguines’s Journal.

I could say that she’s a very talented one! though not all her thought/ opinion I have to agree, but still, I love the way she spilled it out!

2) Yuwono Gusman – Oh Mas Gusman

Those who never heard his name, or who never read his journal! you should! He is my favourite blogger. He is very creative and his jokes can made me cry….literally cry….so funny! Oh gus! I really missed reading your journals. Once he’s also chosen as the first winner of my birthday giveaway last January. There were nights that I and uppa read his journals together on bed and we were laughing and laughing. Thank you Gus for cheering my nights with uppa! C’mon please write again! I’m waiting for your updates, it’s been a while…..huhuhu…..

3) Etty – Leaving my notes here

Ahhhh because Gusman has never updated his blog for quiete sometimes, now my heart goes to Etty.Hahahaa…. I am so curious to meet her in person. Will she be funny as the way she writes on every journals? hahaha…….Etty! kamu boleh GR kok…I’m your fan! >>aku kipasmu (terjemahan bebas) 😀

Who else? ah many more! I always love to read all your writings actually guys! Those Who I have followed, of course I always find time to read your journals (yeah sometimes I missed it too when the days are too hectic)…

But having friends through blogging is so much fun.

Having some readers and leaving some comments related to the topic we wrote have been a stimulous to write more and more. Isn’t it? at least for me.

For now, I don’t care about the ‘stats’, the viewers, the numbers of followers, or the number of comments I got. Really! I don’t. Especially the ‘basa-basi’ comments such as: ‘tulisan yang bagus, ditunggu kunjungan baliknya ya.’ Duhhh! you come so far just to say that? please deh! But I do care about your effort to spare your time in reading my not-so important-journals.

So, it’s been a wonderful one year journey with wordpress, with all of you guys here. Thank you again for your time visiting my blog. Thank you for dropping by and leave comments and support for me.I hope this blog will be better each day and I could post some interesting topics in the near future. I love you guys!

Happy 1st anniversary for my blog!

*phewww mateng bok! bikin link, atu2!* 😀

anyway….what do you think about the new theme of my blog?