Two days ago, at night like this..around 8.30 when I was in the middle of my story telling before bedtime…..I asked my double G to drink a water before I continue the story..so they drank and I was just about to return back the glass to the table..and suddenly I heard the sound…. BUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! It was very hard bump! I KNOW IT from the sound… and OMG! That bummmm was Gwin bumped her face to the floor only her face beause she was not able to hold her body with her two hands so only her face… she got trip to our ‘kelambu’ and she did not expect to fall (yaiyalah..mana ada yg expect to fall ya)

I WAS SHOCK!!! and that panciking moment bursting when I saw blood came out from her nose! Lots of blood…and she vomitted too…don’t ask me how hard she cried..really really hard and loud…I was shaking..I hug her…tried not to get panick but still….I was shaking..and I dial my mom’s phone number…and asked them to come ( they live near me) and there…. I got so panick and I brought Gwin to the hospital…just to make sure everythings is fine.

The doctor said we need to observe her for these 3 days….if she’s okay (means do activity actively) so no need  to do a CTscan or another check up.
To our observation she’s ok and doing great..Thank God!!!

My question is….how to manage that panick feeling? Its so easy for me to get panick esp when its related to my children’s life/safety. Is it natural? Just like 2 months ago, I and Gwin were about to go to school with my motorcycle..and I don’t know why I can’t handle my motorcycle then we fell down alias nyungsep ke got….Gwin cried…very loud! I as usual shaking again! The speedometer was broken and because I was so panick and shaking (literaly) then my neigbhour who brought my motorcycle back home…I was so panick because Gwin fell down and cried… The first accident  with my motorcycle was 2 years ago when I was about to fix my glasses at night…I fell down and got injured on my feet and hands…luckily I still manage to ride my motorcyle home. If I compare with the first accident ‘nyungsep ke got’  actually my first accident is worst! Really worst…but surprisingly I did not as panick as When I got accident with Gwin…I’m too scared if something happen seriously to her.

I know its natural to have that feeling but if I know some techniques or tips of how to  overcome that panick feeling..please do let me know… and thank you for that… Thank you :))))

*this post is written on my phone before bed…sambil ngantuk2 tapi ngotot mau cerita ini* sorry for the typos