Day 8 : A Movie That Makes You Sad

I have lots of movies that makes me sad, but still, I love watching them. One of them is this, an old movie which entitled “What’s Eating Gilbert’s Grape”. Starring : The one and only Johnny Depp as Gilbert, Leonardo Di Caprio as Arnie (Gilbert’s brother), Juliette Lewis as Becky (Gilbert’s girlfriend).

What makes me sad after watching this movie?

1) To see the life of this family has made me really sad. Can you imagine how hard the life of Gilbert? So, here is the story: Gilbert is a responsible man who has taken responsibility for repairing their shanty of a farmhouse while looking after Arnie. Arnie (Leonardo Di Caprio) is mentally handicapped and has habit of climbing up the town water tower if left unsupervised for too long.Poor Arnie! Leonardo Di Caprio showed an excellent acting skill here. Once, Gilbert went on a date and left him at home playing with bubble in the bathub. Gilbert thought that Arnie has mature enough to take care himself (he’s just turned 18 at that time)…But what happened to Arnie? Gilbert came home on the following day and found Arnie still in the bathub shivering from cold….hiksss I cried in this part, and since that day Arnie didn’t want to shower and he scared of water till he looks so dirty because he always refused to take a bath.

2) Not only because Gilbert has to take care of his mentally handicapped young brother, but he has to take care of his obese mother too, who never moved from her comfort place, in the sofa doing nothing just watching tv while her mouth keep munching. Her mother is morbidly obese after years of depression following her husband’s suicide by hanging himself in the basement of their house. If you happen to see the movie you will see a very big woman (in size), that’s Bonnie….Gilbert’s mom..

3) The saddest part of this movie was when Bonnie finally passed away but because she is too heavy and there are so many people needed to carry her body to be burried, and they don’t want to attract people, so they decided to empty the house except Bonnie’s body and they burned the house with Bonnie’s corpse inside. Hiksssss…. I cried watching this and I kept thinking about that scene. Just can’t imagine it will happen to myself or my beloved one. I thought Gilbert was very cruel by doing that….but of course they did that because they don’t have another choice.

Another sad movie that I like is :”I am Sam”, I always love to see the movie that deliver such moral lesson, something that we can learn about life through the movie.” I am Sam”  is a movie about a single father with developmental disability with his 7 years old daughter (Dakota Fanning) who is smarter than him. Lucy has been abandoned by her mother whose homeless and she gave her baby (Lucy) to Sam.

In this movie we will see about a sincere love between father (Sean Penn) and daughter. Sam struggled to be able to raise Lucy, since the government saw that Sam won’t be able to raise Lucy as she grow older. Then came Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer) as the lawyer who will help Sam to fight for his right  to be Lucy’s parent.

It is kinda sad looking at how Lucy came every night to visit Sam and fell asleep at Sam’s house then Sam brought Lucy back to her new parents’ house. I don’t know but I’m so sensitive to watch the movie showing the life of special need children/ person. As I told you here in my post before, I was a teacher for autistic children few years ago, and that short teaching experience I had, has given me lots of lessons to learn. I do hope that all the kids with any kind of ability won’t get discrimination from the society. Let’s show love and care for them. Please teach our kids not to mock them, or as simple as not using “autis” term for joking or make fun of that word. It’s just not funny at all. Another sad movie with the same theme is “My Name is Khan”, it is an excellent movie produced by Bollywood.  So, that’s my favorite sad movie. It’s ok to watch sad movie sometimes, so we can learn how to appreciate small things in our life and hopefully will be less in complaining but more grateful for everything.

Have a Nice day! Smile and be Happy!



13 thoughts on “Day 8 : A Movie That Makes You Sad

  1. yang pertama gw belom pernah nonton Jo. Pengen padahal, tapi lupa kalo pengen. Hahahhaa.
    I am sam sedih juga. Trus ini juga, pay it forward sedih juga. Sama ini juga sedih, man on fire. Hehehehe..

  2. Jooooo, aku pagi pagi baca ini jadi ikutan sediiih, aku inget ekspresi si Arnie itu loh Jo, hiks, muka polos dan kita tau beneran ‘polos’ dan memandanginya huhuhu. Yang I Am Sam kan juga gitu yaa Jo hiks Sean Penn is soooo great playing there, sumpe mau mewek terus deh apalagi anaknya (eh Dakotta Fanning bukan sih itu males googling) yang mereka main bareng di taman ini film sedih yg kutonton dua kali. Nonton pertama aku nggak kuat kusambil-sambilin baca (aku nonton di VCD), baru aku nonton lagi setelah hatiku siap

    • Ia Dakota Fanning, ada kutulis kok diatas.
      Dan memang ya ini film bikin sedihnya tuh ampe kepikiran, kayak gimana gitu rasanya ngeliat mereka berdua main di taman itu emang bikin nyesss banget….

  3. Duuhh Joo dua movie itu buat gue brebessaa air mataa. Terutama i am sam beneran deh pertama kali ntn i am sam nangis sesegukan 😂😂👍👍

  4. transformer 1. gue nangis waktu bumble bee ditangkep. gue juga bingung kenape pake nangis segala. padahal tuh film robot. tapi tiba-tiba air mata netes aja. trus pas nonton lagi, eh netes lagi. melihat perjuangan si Shia Labeuf yang berusaha nyelametin bumble bee. tapi gak bisa. ah, sedih deh … (lu pasti bingung juga kenape gue sampe dramatis banget nonton robot aje pake nangis) … wkwkwkwk … but it happened.

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