Day 10 : Your Favorite Director

I never really pay attention about who is the director when watching a movie. I mean, I don’t really know their names. But If i have to mention one name, then Steven Spielberg will be the one. Who don”t know him? very famous with so many amazing movies with incredible effect on the screen.

I would tell you one of his great movie, “Jurassic Park”. Back in 90 something, My dad only has vhs at home (no dvd player yet at that time) he brought home a video of Jurassic Park. At that time, I was still in Junior High and I felt amazed watching the movie and from that movie I still remember that I thought the dinosours were real. I thought they were still alive. I thought the Jurassic park and everything in the movie were real.They really look like real in my eyes, and it made me keep thinking how scary the adventure they had. We watched the movie over and over because that movie really made me excited.

Well, now after I grew up, of course all that thought had gone but still, I admireย Steven Speilberg, a very genius director who’s able to create such a great movie like that.

For Indonesian director, I like Joko Anwar and Upi. Their movies were also good and kinda different from others and unique. I hope Indonesia will have a brilliant director like Steven Speilberg.Amen

*sorry for the late post, I’ve been busy in school though this post has been written since last week and what I need just publish it, but still I need to re-read the journals.*

7 thoughts on “Day 10 : Your Favorite Director

    • dulu berasa ini film keren banget ya Ko,, aku pikir dinosaurus beneran masih hidup…

      ahhhh kamu masih SD? hihihihi kelas berapa tuh ko? aku soalnya dah SMP (menguak umur banget sihh jo)

  1. nora ephron. sumpah, nih cewek ya buat 2 film yg dibintangin sama 2 pemeran utama yang sama, 2-2nya bagus abis ! ceritanya sih biasa, tapi entah gimana kemasannya bagus aja ๐Ÿ™‚

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