Day 11: You Favorite Movie From Your Childhood

Since Macaulay Cullkin was the only actor I remember from my childhood, and I think he’s such a cute boy back then, So some of his movies were chosen to be my favorite movie from my childhood. Home Alone would be the most famous movie that he played. But my favorite one is this, “MY GIRL”.

The cute Macaulay Culkin as Thomas  with a pretty girl Anna Chlumsky as Vada in this movie. Do you guys still remember that? Vada is a tomboy girl and she’s just eleven years old but she is a bit dramatic little girl who loves to exageratte about death. It is because his father is a director fo a funeral and their residence served as a funeral home.Vada hangs out with Thomas, the unpopular boy who’s allergic to everything. One day Thomas and Vada went to the wood and decided to knock down the beehive, while doing so, Vada lost her ‘mood ring’, Vada went back home but Thomasreturned back by himself to the wood to find Vada’s mood ring. Unfortunately, Thomas gets stung by the bees and died from an allergic reaction.

What a very sad ending, but I love watching this over and over because Anna Chlumsky looks so pretty in that movie. In my thought back than, the most pretty american girl is her, and the most cute boy is Macaulay Culkin. Hehehehe….what a shallow reason.

So that’s my favorite movie from my childhood. Oh I forgot to say that I love the music and the song from this movie. My favorite scene here is, when Vada got locked in the basement and she tried to calm herself by singing a song, I forgot what song but I still remember the tune and back than, I memorize that song. Arggghhh I forgot now. Need to watch it again then.

see you in the next post.

20 thoughts on “Day 11: You Favorite Movie From Your Childhood

  1. gua juga suka my girl.
    tapi film macaulay culkin yang gua paling suka ya home alone. tiap taun kalo akhir taun diputer di tv gua selalu nonton dan gak pernah bosen. haha.

  2. kalo aku sukanya home alone! taun berganti tapi tetep ya mbak, default tayangnya pasti akhir taun. default nontonnya pas akhir taun, pake krukupan selimut. hihihi, dingin neeeiiik 😀

  3. Vada sulthenfus, yang keluarganya punya usaha jasa rias jenazah dan si vada naksir berat guru bahasa inggrisnya bukan?
    Sediiih, kasian bener si maculay matinya gara2 alergi kesengat lebah :((
    Soundtracknya lagu “my girl” dari the mamas and the papas kalo gak salah jo.
    This movie is one of my favorite but the sequel is really a bad decision..

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