Day 14: Your Favorite Quote From Any Movie

Day 14: Your Favorite Quote From Any Movie

Ok here is the movie that I really love too. (I think I love movies too much).

This is a movie about not to giving up in life, always try, always believe and always put faith in everything we want in life. There are words or sentences that I love from this movie. So, here are my favorite quotes from that movie:

“Never Give Up,

Never Back Down,

Never Lose Faith”

Is anyone know from what movie that quote is taken?

its “Facing The Giants”.

So here is a glimpse of the story:

Grant Taylor as the main character here, facing lots of problems in his life. He is the head coach of a baseball team in a Christian school, but during his time as a coach for 6 years, he never brings his team to win any competition. The parents in the school are disappointed towards him and they want the school to replace him to a better coach. Another problem that he is facing are:  his car is breaking down, and he discovers that he is the reason that his wife Brooke cannot become pregnant.

However, Grant is a faithful one, and He believes that God will help him through his problems.  He creates a new coaching philosophy and decides to praise God, no matter what the result. He motivates all the players and asks them to give their maximum effort. So when his team “EAGLES” facing “The Giants” the very strong team that never loose in any baseball competition, Grant motivates the players in his team through the sentences below:

“We need to give God our best in every area,

And if we win, we praise Him,

And if we lose, we praise Him.”

Yes finally, after so many tough training and games, The Eagles could finally win from The Giants. After so many prayers delivered to God, his wife is finally got pregnant and his financial is getting better. His road to find the answer from God maybe kind of difficult, but as he always said “Never give up, never back down, never lose faith” so, there he did that, he never give up and always faithful to God. At the same time, he did his best, and whatever the result is, he still praises God.

Yes I know it’s kinda ‘preaching’ here, but really, this is a good movie and I think there is a special purpose from this movie, its to remind us again about being faithful to God, no matter how difficult our life is, no matter how complicated our problem is, just never give up, never back down, and never lose faith. And yes its more on religious movie for Christian.

Ps: the word “giant” here could probably have two meanings: First, The giants means the name of the baseball team that they face and another meaning for “giants” here is : your fears, your problems…..

So, can we face our problems? Can we face our fears?

This movie will answer it…..

“When your back is against the wall,

When it seems there is no way out,

You have to face your fears”

Have a Nice Day, Pals!

11 thoughts on “Day 14: Your Favorite Quote From Any Movie

    • Hi mba Tika…..long time no see u here in WP, apa aku yang kelewat postingan mba Tika ya? hihi

      awalnya aku iseng aja kok mba, karena pernah ikutan 30 day movie challenge bulan juni lalu. Nah aku cuma cari di google aja 30 day movie challenge mana yang memungkinkan untuk aku ikuti, trus bikin deh awal bulan nov kemaren, Mba Yoyen dan Mba Eva (si koper biru) juga ikutan….seru kok mba, jadi nostalgia gitu. Rulesnya cuma ikutin aja per harinya,mungkin bisa liat postinganku yang ini :

      selamat mencoba ya mba…

  1. Kalo gw paling suka dari the one and only master oogway, yesterday is history lalalalalilili itu Jo. Ato kalo nggak yang dari Mr. Terminator. I’ll be back! Hahhahaha. *komenan telat berabad-abad

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