I did the same thing like last year, recall all the highlights in each months of this year 2014.
So let’s start it again :

1. January : My favorite month, yes as mainstream as it may sound…because its my Birthday and last year on January I held my first giveaway in this blog.  We also did a family trip. We went to Bali and we took a family picture in a very cheap studio.



2. February : It is a sad moment that one my friend lost her beloved husband. Her husband suffered from a brain cancer. I wrote the whole story here.

3. March : A happy month because my son, whom I always called “my baby love”  turned 2 on March 26 last year. I wrote a short poem for him. You.may read it here. My life is more colorful with this boy.


4. April : April is a fun month. I wrote about how I and uppa went for a moviedate. The most happy thing is, I joined a giveaway held by Eda and I came out as the 1st winner. Wow! Its so funny if I read again about what I wrote there. I can’t believe that I can write a silly ‘pantun’ like that. I wrote here.

5. May: Actually I have a special story on May that I would like to write here in this blog. I was so excited at that time that I joined the Alumni Home Coming (AHC) of my university. Unfortunately, I lose my interest to write the story of our AHC because I and my gank met someone who made our bff suffered for several years even untill now. I wrote a glimpse of the story here. But lesson learned!



6. June  I was on a long holiday at that time, So I have free time to do so many things. I baked a lot, I had a summer study with my 1st G and it was a wonderful time that we can spend our time together. I also joined the Blogiversary giveaway from mba Yo, and I came out as the 3rd winner. Yeay! Thank you for the present mba yo.


7. July: July is a happy month too, because after I have one month holiday, and we came back to school for 2,5 weeks, we have another 2,5 weeks idul fitri holiday. How cool is that? Another time well spent with my kids.I can do my Muaythai too. Moreover, on July I was given a chance to teach different level in school. It’s a new challenge and I love it.


8. August: Its my fav month too, my daughter’s birthday. She turned 4 last August. I will never forget the smell of a new baby born in my arms, the tears in my eyes and the joy in my heart when I gave birth for the 1st time.Thank you G for your presence in our life. I love you  soooooo much! You are the moon of my nights, the sun of my days.

The birthday girl wore princess sofia's costume brought by her aunty last January, but she requested the cake with frozen theme, and asked barbie as her present (my very random girl! llike her momma i think)

9. September: is so special for this blog, because its my 2nd blogiversary. I wrote the history of my blogging thing.I held my second giveaway too. And another happy month too, because It’s uppa’S Birthday! OMG! I will have a 40 yo husband next year! lol 😀


10. October : Will you get bored if I say that October is also a happy month for me? hahaha yes, of course I am happy, super happy! On Ocotber 4th, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I was planning a sweet ecape to Lombok, but then failed, we changed the plan by going to a cheaper place. Well, its also failed. But it’s not the main reason we need to be happy, right? It’s not where we are going, but it’s about us. Us who still stick together, still love each other, and still miss each other even after the fight we had.I and uppa were so grateful that we were able to pass the first 5 years in our marriage. May God continue to bless us. Amen

the not so romantic place

11. November : Ehmm will you please forgive me again if I say that November is the sweetest month in 2014? hahahaha..(Of course its ok Joey!). There are too many blessings we received in this month. Uppa got a new job in Jakarta, the other miracle that help us to make our dreams come true. With that blessing too, God allow us to have a sweet escape to Samosir island. I am beyond happy. Thank You Dear God!

the super happy feeling expressed

12) And.. Taraaaaa…finaly we come to the end of the year. It’s December baby! Who doesn’t love December? This is one of everyone’s favorite month.Isn’t it? Not only because its Christmas, but it’s a holiday season. Hmmmmm I want to celebrate this month too, because I just paid the last payment for my motorcycle (fiuuuhhh after 10 months living with hard breath) 😀

After reading and looking back to what happened during 2014 in our life, I could barely say that our life has been through ups and down. I still remember how I cried on my bed at night, asking some miracles from God. We didn’t even know how to manage all the problems we face. But we know for sure, that God will take care of us.To end up this writing, I would like to give you one of my favorite quote:

“God Works in mysterious ways. We won’t understand everything that happens in our life, but we can be sure that God will take care of us.”

2015 is approaching very soon and Let us start this new year with a new spirit and new hope..I thank all of you who have spent time to read my journals and especially who left some comments here. I hope everyone have a blast to welcome the new year!





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Lia ini penganten baru yang aktif dalam dunia per blog-an. Semoga aku menang ya Lia 🙂

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37 thoughts on “THE HIGHLIGHTS IN 2014

  1. Joooo dari dulu pengen bikin kaleidoskop begini danpenghalangnya as always cuma satuuu MALAS hahaha
    Yes, God works in mysterious ways. But we can trust Him for He’s able to do everything and He care about us. Let’s walk 2015 with HIM agaiiiiin

    • Ahhh aku bertepatan dengan libur soalnya kan. Ini pun dah nangkring di draft dari 2 minggu lalu pas mulai libur sekolah..tapi susah menyelesaikannya ( pake link2 segala sih)

      AMIN! Semoga kita tetap berjalan DenganNya. Semoga kalian cepat berkumpul lagi. (Yang bagian ini, kudoakan khusus utk kalian… amin Aminnnnnn)

  2. Maaak…sepengetahuan saya mah, meatball ikea itu kalau di eropa mah, daging cincang campur antara sapi dan babi, ngga tau kalau yg di Indonesia, bisa jd halal, krn mayoritas muslim… Tp ngga tau juga sih, mudah2an murni daging sapi.

    Waaah berasa jalan-jalan menyusuri lorong waktu bacanya..

    Sukses GA nya ya maak…

      • In syaa Allah kalau dibilang pure beef mah, mana berani nipu ya… Bisa-bisa diprotes berat sama pengunjung.

        Waaah jadi pengen tau makanan apa saja yang diharamkan mak…

      • Yg boleh dimakan : kalo yang di darat : yg memamah biak dan berkuku belah (sapi, kerbau, ayam dll) jd babi,anjing, No!
        Di laut; harus yg bersirip dan bersisik (ikan2 sprti : tuna,kembung,bandeng dll boleh) yg ga boleh mis: lele, kepiting,udang,cumi dsb

        Hihihi ribet kan ya teh…tp ga ribet sih kalo dah dijalanin mah

      • Ooohh gitu…
        ya seperti kami yg Muslim juga ya mak, kalau sudah dijalani mah ngga bakalan ribet.. 🙂
        Toh buktinya sehat-sehat saja khan meski banyak pantangannya.

  3. Aku juga bikin Jo hihihi belum sempat posting soalnya masih ribet… Btw, senang ya kalau punya jurnal pribadi seperti ini karena suatu saat nanti kalau baca2 lagi pasti ngakak2 atau senyum sendiri :D… Ah kamu sudah 5 tahun pernikahan yaa. Selamat. semoga langgeng selamanya yaaa 🙂

    • Wahhhh kukira dah kubales komennya mba deni…. iya aku juga suka baca2 postingan lama..bisa senyum2 sendiri..
      Makasih mba..iya udah 5 tahun aja ga berasa euyy

  4. aku juga mau bikin highlight gini nih kak jo, belum di publish tapi hihihi.. semoga next year jadi tahun yang lebih baik lg yaaa.. dan semoga menang GAnya 😀

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