Healthier And Happier

Healthier and Happier! as simple as that.

I want to live healthier and happier in 2015. Living in a big city like Jakarta with its pollution, and the traffic plus the flood during rainy (or not even rainy season) will cause you to get sick easily and to get crazy at the same time. Am I right? or sounds so exaggerating?

Being healthy is the greatest blessing that we receive from God. The almost unforgotten blessing, if I may say. That is why, for this 2015 I wish I will be healthier by maintaining my body through healthy food and do some exercises. Hey, having enough sleep will also help. Right?

How about happier? as easy as being grateful for whatever we have and and whatever problems we are facing in life,it will certainly lead us to a happy feeling. Sounds so easy? it is easy, yet most of the times I tend to forget to do so. This is why I write this post, as a self-reminder to do this every day.

Anyway, enough about the self-reminder. I would like to tell you a bit about our new year’s eve last Wednesday. My dad invited us to join them to spend the new year’s eve at Marbella Hotel in Anyer beach. Right after we finished from church at 7 pm, we headed to Anyer. We have predicted about the traffic. However it was not. Thank God! but…taraaaaa! when we reached Cilegon, it was so traffic because it is flooded everywhere. We took an alternative way which is so far, and I was a bit upset since we reached at the hotel late and we totally missed the fireworks. There you go! I forgot to be grateful that we have arrived safely in the hotel.


Another thing that made me a bit upset is, the rain didn’t stop since morning till afternoon,OMG the whole day on the first day of 2015! we were not able to enjoy the beach. We just went to the swimming pool and I was too lazy to swim because it was so cold and exactly on the first day in 2015 I got my period. How cool is that? HAHAHAHHAHA……but we still need to be grateful right? ok, I am grateful that we still manage to snuggle on our bed and chit-chatting with the whole family. The breakfast in Marbella is so-so, and I still need to be grateful for that too.


Before we went back to Jakarta, We went to Pisita Hotel, not far from Marbella. We met the whole family of my husband. Usually they hold the new year’s family gathering in Puncak, but this year they move it to Anyer, so we went there and had our lunch, chit chating with uppa’s cousins and we left. We reached home at 8 pm. Then, my maid left home too, because she went back to her hometown last night. She got proposed by her boyfriend. Yes, she will get married soon and I will be back to the ART-less drama again. She will be back on Monday (she said). So far, she is our best maid we ever had. She has been with us since Gwin was a baby. It is difficult to find a good maid. Oh yes! again I will remind my self to be grateful for being Art-less or not.

So, that is my new year’s eve story with my simple yet a bit difficult to do- resolutions.

Let us be Happier and Healthier in 2015!

Shall we? 🙂




28 thoughts on “Healthier And Happier

  1. Kudu selalu inget bersyukur ya Jo. Bagus banget deh. Semoga tahun ini gw bisa lebih aktif olahraga. Dan lu tahu gak sih balada per art an kita sama loh. Mbak terbaik kami lamaran juga. Cuma dia masih galau mau trus kerja apa stop gt.

    • Haaaa? Daniiii….mudah2an dia ttp kerja ya. Kalo kami mah pasrah ajalah…tp bokkkk rempong banget pas pagi2nya kalo ga ada art. Kalo gue gak kerja sih asik2 aja

  2. healthier setuju banget kak jo, mesti jaga kesehatan banget nih, dan happier juga setuju salah satunya dengan bersyukur jadi gak banyak ngeluh, note to my self juga nih 🙂

  3. Healthier and happier…aamiin banget mbak jo 🙂
    Selamat tahun baru ya mbak..apapun yg terjadi tetap harus bersyukur ya

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