EF # 1 : Consistent (My Word For 2015)

Ahhh finally after here and there, after a long winding road (hmmm exaggerating..as always…haha) I know what to write for today’s English Friday program. So, as you have seen the title above, yes I have chosen the word ‘CONSISTENT’ for 2015. YEAYYYY!!! πŸ˜€

I hope nobody choose the same word because I thought I have worked so hard to find this word. HAHAHAHAH…Lol jk.Yeahhh of course it is nice reading the same topic from different point of view. Right? *ok, I see Dani, Ryan and Nita nodding their heads*. πŸ™‚


So, enough about the preambule, let’s go find out the reason why I choose the word consistent for 2015. According to what I have seen and experienced before, In order to be successful (in whatever it is) then we need to be consistent to what we are doing. Yes, it sounds so easy! C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T . What is so difficult of being consistent? Yeah right! It is easy to say, because the word consistent only consist of ten letters. Of course you now, that being consistent is the most difficult thing to do in this world. But again, saying that it is difficult doesn’t mean it is impossible. Well, at least this is a very tough thing for me. So, in 2015 I want to challenge myself to be more consistent. Would I be succeed to be more consistent in 2015?


By saying that I need to be consistent, here are the lists of things I need to be more consistent of:

1. I have to be more consistent in praying. I admit it, there are nights that I was too lazy and sleepy, and there you go! I forgot to pray to God. A prayer is not just requesting something from God, right? but as simple as thanking HIM for HE has taking care of us for the whole day. For every beat of our heart, every second of our life. So, be CONSISTENT IN PRAYING. IT’S A MUST JO!

2. I have to be more consistent in reading the story books for my kids. Again, there are days that I was too tired to read them story before bed time. Last week, every night I told them stories about “TINI”, and they like it very much. But I couldn’t stand when my kids asked me to re-tell the stories until ten times….Ohhhh my!

3. I have to be more consistent with my life style. Last November, Β I joined the clean eating program with other bloggers (May). But then I failed on the 14th day. Yeahhh at least I made it to 14 days (proudly saying..hahaha). Moreover, as I am not consistent anymore to drag my ass to Muay-Thai camp, then I won’t complain seeing the weight scale that keep moving to the right side, pointing to 60, OMG!!!!! help me please! πŸ˜€

4. I have to be more consistent to save money and not to waste it through the online shops. HAHAHAHAHA…..yeah right!(blame it to Instagram) and another thing that I need to stop is, always buying food and some snacks such as martabak, sate padang, kebab turki, and many more. Errrrrr….please somebody stop me!!! that is a waste and not healthy too. *but it’s yummy you know??* πŸ˜€

5. I have to be more consistent in writing Β journals without typos…yeahhh again you are right, I am a queen of typo and sometimes I’m too lazy to fix it. Please someone just hit me (with money if possible..lol) or just remind me if I still make many typos here and there. Gracias!

6. Well, of course I have to be more consistent in blogging, especially the consistency joining this English Friday program held by the BEC (Blog English Club), because I’m afraid that I will not be consistent after doing this few months or even weeks. But, you know what? This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in blogsphere. Thank you founders, Dani, Ryan and Nita. And it is nice knowing all of the other members, including the grammar nazi (that is the term we called for the mentors..lol) I am so grateful being one of the members..

As an addition, why do I want to challenge myself to be more consistent? Because I am consistently inconsistent…. (lol…thank u mas andik for the words)

And like what Coldplay has sung for us…. “Nobody said It was easyyyy..”

Yeah right! Being consistent is not easy, but I hope I can be more consistent in whatever things I do in my life. I hope those are the good things that will bring me to the word ‘successful’. Finally I am here to say: 2015, I am ready to be more consistent……

*hear universe, HEAR!!!*


Joey, who is consistently inconsistent

This post is the first post for ENGLISH FRIDAY (Blog English Club)

one of my picture shown here won't hurt anyone, right? lol :D

putting one of my picture here won’t hurt anyone, right? lol πŸ˜€

61 thoughts on “EF # 1 : Consistent (My Word For 2015)

    • Hahahaaha by joining this BEC we make our life more difficult ya ty..
      I did this yesterday evening and I dont know if this post sounds so boring… hihi
      Post yours, I will always love to read your jokes and so curious how will u do it in English…

  1. Wow. I have read several posts from members BEC. And wow. Mine is very limited and simple. Hahahaha

    Yes Mba, you are right. It is not easy to be consistent. I also have the same problem with you.

    Hopefully you can do it mba. Btw. If you want to buy snacks, just remember me (read it as : give them to me)

  2. Totally agree with you, Mbak Jo. It may be easy to start, but to be consistent, it may be quite hard. Nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible, too πŸ™‚

    • yes..indeed
      I hope by writing this post will challenge myself to be more consistent and this writing will be a self-reminder to me and maybe to everyone.

  3. You look extremely young!!! #oot

    Anyway, I hope I can be consistent too in participating in this English Friday.. Wish us luck! >_<

  4. Consistent in praying, I do have the same problem as you mba Jo πŸ˜€
    Let’s kneeling more and end this 2015 with a thankful heart. *kalo diungkapin dengan kata2 gampang banget ya, xixixixi*

  5. aah ini sih keren.., da
    ada grupnya BEC juga? aih ketinggalan .. aku belum ikutan..,
    baru baca postnya Ryan langsung aja ikut2an posting

  6. Mbak Jo I laugh a lot reading your post. You are so funny! πŸ˜€ and you look cute on the picture, too!

    Agree with you mbak, being consistent is hard but the fruit is sweet. Will you be interested if there is a blogging challenge about wellness? I read somewhere about it in neighborhood group. if you are, I’ll search for the url.

    • Hahahaha Anggun… thank you for saying that, and I am blushing now..

      So far, I did two times for blog challenge. 30 days music challennge and 30 days movie challenge (hahaha cemen yak challengenya)

      But it would be grest if u can share the link…

  7. Why did you quit Muay Thai Jo? It is kicking ass! πŸ™‚

    Reading this blog I see a blogger who knows herself well.

    Hmm, I won’t be a grammar Nazi here as you did very well miss Joice. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Mba yo, Hahahaha I haven’t quit from Muay-Thai yet, a bit lazy and I just want to save money last month (doing muay-is a bit expensive for me), but will come back soon.

      Hahahaha yeah I know that you know me so well mba, very consistently inconsistent..will try my best to be more consistent.

      Oh, no grammatical mistakes? Seriously? Hihihi udah deg2an aja ni koreksinya apa ya…

      Anyway, thank you for dropping by… I know u need to read lots of journals from BEC members..

  8. Consistency comes easy from enjoyment πŸ˜€ . So as long as you are happy with it, the consistency will immediately follow. Mudah-mudahan tahun ini yang dilakukan enjoyable semua ya sehinga konsistensinya mengikuti πŸ˜€

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  10. But online shops always kompor-ing us, Mbak Jo.. They have millions kawaii things and makes us nyut-nyutan, after that crying cause spend a lot of money.. Wkwkwk.. πŸ˜€

  11. Oh Shoot, I haven’t commented on your post right Jo? I read it before but apparently forget to comment. Love the word. The one that I need as well. πŸ˜€ So many words that I said similiar things in the comment. Apparently there are so many things we need to be ya.
    Thank you for joining the challenge ya Jo.

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