EF #2 My Wildest Dream

To Be honest, the first time I heard the question saying: ‘what is your wildest dream?’, then I immediately imagine about I and my forever hollywood crush, Ethan Hawke. We were lying on a beach under a coconut tree. Not just lying, but we were kissing tooΒ and a little bit of grepe-grepe LOL πŸ˜€

But then, suddenly one of the coconut fell of from the tree, right into my face. D*mn it! It’s just a dream! my wildest dream. Because instead of kissing with Ethan, I was on the bed kissing my Dede Yusup kawe 2. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Β *winking to uppa*


Ethan Hawke, my (naughty) wildest dream. hahaha

Ethan Hawke, my (naughty) wildest dream. hahaha

Ok..ok…Let us be more serious now. Hehehe sorry for the ‘gross” introduction above, because seriously the word ‘wild’ has a bad connotation to me. πŸ™‚

Speaking about my real wild dream, then I was dreaming (literary dreaming) that one day I could watch my number one favorite band ‘The Cardigans’ live in concert, and Nina Persson invited me to the stage to sing along with her. Luckily, they came here two years ago and I was able to watch their concert. Though I was not invited to come to the stage to sing along with her (who do you think you are Jo? hahaa), but who cares? because in the afternoon before the concert began, I was one of the lucky person who got kissed by Nina Persson during the Meet and Greet session. Man! I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.


One of my wildest dream came true. sorry for posting this pic for so many times. I just can't handle it...lol

One of my wildest dream when I was in High school came true. sorry for posting this pic for so many times. I just can’t handle it…lol

So, after one dream came true, you should dream another dream right? by the time I’m getting older and wiser *uhukkkk…..coughing* I dream that one day in the near future I WILL RUN MY OWN SCHOOL. Yes, I have been telling this to so many people.


Why do I really passionate about running my own school?
Firstly, because I am a teacher and I fall in love with early childhood education.

Secondly, I think the school nowdays are so competitive in academic thing. What’s wrong with academic Jo? Isn’t it the purpose/goal of the Education itself? For some people YES! Unfortunately not for me. Education is not merely about academic, but it is more about character building, social skills, and many more aspects in it.

Thirdly, I am so eager to combine all the concepts of my dream school. By applying the concepts that I have made, I hope to see a happy child with good characters and independent skills will graduate from my school. Yeayyy!!!Β Hopefully I can bring this dream into reality. Can I say Amen??? πŸ˜€

I don’t know why, my life has becoming more serious now on. So, is it possible to dream another dream? Yeah I really hope that I can travel around the world too, someday! Yes someday, baby! And like what Agnes Monica has always said, DREAM,Β BELIEVE, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN, then let us work harder every day to make our dreams come true πŸ˜€

*This writing is submitted to our second English Friday of Blog English Club*


Joeyz Persson

54 thoughts on “EF #2 My Wildest Dream

  1. Jo, can I come and teach at your school? This topic is dear to my heart. Well, we still have time to make it happen. Let’s talk some more once it’s up and running ☺️

  2. Aamiin! Hopefully you can make it come true, Mbak Jo! Bonne chance. I really proud with someone who have passion to increase our education value in Indonesia. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Deva….. Hopefully I can make this dream come true, because I know this is kinda impossible since I don’t have money….or investors who will trust me to make this dream school.

  3. Agree with mbak mikan above! hehehe If i have the chance, i would really love to join the kids there. Lately, actually 2014 was my year of understanding the early childhood education, i read a lot of books about that, from totto-chan to montessori. And those books opened my insight about what education really is.

    but by the way, ngelamunnya mbaaakk! hahahaha pake grepe-grepe, wild wild~~

    • Nadia, thank you for your support. And I am currnetly teaching in a school with montessori method too. I really want to discuss it one day here.

      Hahahahha.. i’m so sorry for the ‘gross’ introduction….Ethan Hawke could kill me just by his sexy eyes…*OMG!!!!* lol

      • i would love to have a chit chat about that, mbak πŸ˜‰ it must be fun dealing with kids and playing while learning, isn’t it?

        duhh mbak, gambarnya aja udah bikin blushing-blushing sendiri ngikikikiki

  4. Mba Jooooo ngakak banget bagian yang di bawah pohon kelapa adududuhhh hahahaa..
    By the way, I hope your dream school comes true! Later when I have a child I’ll consider your school as the top priority! πŸ˜€ because many schools nowadays give too much homework but no character building :/

    • Tiaaaaaaa….hahahah maap yak introductionnya nggak banget deh! karena beneran pas aku denger kata “wild dream” konotasinya tuh bad dan genit2 gimana gituuuu,,,,hihihi.
      Thank you for your support Ya Tia….we need to make a big change in our education system *but duhhh it’s so difficult*

  5. it is a very incredible dream, I do hope you can fulfill it, I am sure with a teacher like you the children will have very pleasant moments

  6. Mbaaaaak, teteup yaaa uda punya Abang tapi pengennya sama si Ethan Hawke! Mueheheh.. πŸ˜›

    Aaaa.. I want to teach Japanese in your school.. Please accept me.. πŸ˜€ *balada calon fresh graduate*

  7. wildest dream in positive way is running own business with husband mbak jo. i’ll open what so called depot surti (tetep), while husband is running his welding workshop. wish us luck, mba jo! πŸ˜€

  8. Kenapa juga pembukanya lu di grepe-grepe Ethan Hawke *mamah dedeh mulai gelisah*
    Amiin Allahuma Amiin, hopefully one day your dream will come true.
    I’ll send you the biggest bouquet of flower to celebrate it Jo.

    • itu kata “wildest dream”konotasinya ga baek buat gue yang lemah iman gini ty… entahlah apa gue aja yang mikirnya suka terlalu random. hahaha *salim mamah dede, ampun ya mahh*

      thank you in advance for the flowers ya tyy…bikin postingan ini sapa tau ada orang kebanyakan duit trus mau jadi investor gituuuu *kalo yang bagian in gue ngarep beneran, supaya terwujud mimpi2 gila ini* πŸ™‚

  9. Astaga itu pembukaannya, hahaha. Tapi memang benar “wild” kan ya Jo, haha πŸ˜› .

    Mudah-mudahan impan membuka sekolahnya segera terlaksana ya Jo πŸ˜€ .

  10. I was once a high school teacher but only for one year. To me, teaching is indeed very hard, I always respect any person who teaches with their heart. This post shows that you’re one of them, Kak Jo πŸ™‚ I agree that education is not mere academics and numbers, it is about ‘shaping’ a human being with good character and life skill πŸ™‚ Salam kenal and good luck with this noble dream, would love to send my daughter to your school once it’s realized πŸ˜‰

    • Wowwww…you’re a teacher before? And teaching a high school student is not easy at all. I have no guts teaching that level. Thank you fot the respect about my profession. I appreciate it. And thank u for dropping by. Nice to know you Ndin..

      • I was a 23 yo fresh graduates at that time and had to teach and convince 16 yo students that I was their teacher instead of their sister πŸ˜… It’s not about the subjects, it’s more of a work of heart πŸ˜‰ That’s why I always appreciate teachers since I was no good at becoming one πŸ˜‰ Nice to know you too, Kak Jo 😊

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  12. yg awal-awal itu mah “wild the beast”… hehehe…
    “… running my own school”, sungguh mulia cita-citamu mbak Joice… semoga terimplementasi, justru yang terpenting adalah pendidikan dasaarrr banget… itu yg membentuk pribadi-pribadi bangsa kita nantinya… *kejauhan kali ya mikirnya*

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