EF #3 How Gadget Affects Your Life?

How gadget affects your life?
That is the question or today’s challenge for our EF today.

In order to answer the question above, then I was thinking the other way round. How our life would be, without gadget around us?

As a person who dares herself to accept challenges and yet ends up feeling regret on those challenges (hahahaha) then again I add today’s challenge, to really experience living without gadget. Suddenly, something popped up in my mind. I was thinking, how If  I free myself from gadget? totally away from it. Yes, Why not?

I was so sure about it, sure here means I think I will be okay without gadget.I won’t die if I don’t see and touch my gadget for the whole day, right?. It won’t affects the beauty that shines through my face either, right?. *PLAK!!! I heard someone slap me with nokia 3310* LoL!!

For how long? 2 or 3 days maybe. Yes, then without thinking too long, I told about the gadget fasting challenge to all the members of BEC in WA. However, the minute after I sent the message, I regret it. Why should I tell all the members there? It will be nicer if I keep the challenge for myself, without telling anybody. Because, If in the middle of doing the challenge I failed…then nothing to be worry about, to be shy of. *hahaha Yes, I am such a looser, and very inconsistent*

I was hoping that two or three members in BEC would like to join this challenge. But no one was able to join. I know it would be hard, really hard and even impossible for those who have works related to gadget.

So, How was my 1st day?

It is kinda difficult for me. Felt so weird, I usually check my cellphone after I woke up, before I went to bed, after I finished my lunch (or while having lunch). But just felt something is missing. But then I survived. Survived with a note that my husband came home and got upset because I didn’t pick up my phone. He would like to inform me that he needs to go funeral house, someone he knows has passed away on that day. He didn’t know about my gadget fasting, I just told him to contact my school phone number whenever he wanted to call me during working hours.

How was my second day?

Wow, amazing! on the second day, I totally forgot about my cellphone. Because I hid the cellphone under some clothes in the cupboard. Hahahaha… and of course I turned it off. Yes, I really did that. I did not bring my gadget. I hope I don’t have any emergency thing during my gadget fasting.

On the third day? Sorry to say, but I have to end the challenge. Not because I miss my cellphone so much. But some of the parents in my school need to contact me for several reasons related to their children. So finally, I declare that I succeed living without gadget for two days. *clap-clap for myself* 😀

So how was my days without gadget? I should say, GOOD!!!

Life is really good.
Really really good.
Trust me.

Actually, this is not the first time I challenge myself doing this ‘free-gadget’ thing, but many times. Sometimes I just think that I am sick of it. REALLY? yes, sick of those uploading and commenting and whatever things we do with our gadget. But after that, I get back again, so engaged with the gadget.

So, How Gadget Affects Our Life?

In a good way, gadget has made life easier. What are the good things from gadget?

1) Taking pictures, recording the video never been so easy like nowadays.You can do anything with your gadget

2) Searching for the recipes, lyrics, news, etc..ahhh easy peasy!!!

3) Connecting with our beloved ones is so much easier and cheaper now. Skype? Tango? I love those application, and its for free too. ahhhhhh I remember those moments when I should buy a card to call uppa who lived in Singapore, when we were in a relationship around 9 years ago. This gadget has lessen the burden and problems of those LDR couple. *yeah, I see Ryan is smiling and nodding his head* Lol..

4) Gadget helps us to be more patient when having a long queu in a bank, in a station, or in a hospital. Hahahaha. And at the same time, it has become  one of the medicine to kill our boredom too. YES, right? Oh thank you gadget!

5) There are many more things to excuse ourselves of being so engaged to this thing, of what so called ‘gadget’. I don’t need to describe it one by one. I think we know it already.

However, this gadget thing has bad impacts too, into my life. Gadget has become one of the biggest distraction ever.

– It distracts my time to spend time with God. This is the worst thing ever. Yes I should be honest that I like to see my gadget more instead of taking time to talk and pray to God. Somehow, I  felt this will be one of my biggest resolution this year. Life should be back on track. Really!

-It distracts my time with my family. Sometimes, instead of accompanying my children to play, I was there sitting and holding my gadget. Once in a while, looking at them. Errrrrr!!!! bad mommy, bad mommy. I usually stop holding the gadget when my kids were finally quarreling and fight. SEE??? NO GOOD!!! Will try my best not to do this anymore. Promise!

-It distracts my time to finish the books/novels that I want to read. That is why I always hide my gadget when I read my books. *lemah iman, ga tahan godaan* LOL 😀

-It distracts my time in working. Of course the work after the students went home. I cannot see my gadget during school hours. 8.30-12.00 , sometimes until 1.30. It depends on my schedule too. But after lunch, I need to do some teaching preparation right? then, that is the time when gadget really distracting me.

-Should I tell you that gadget has distracted your relationship with others too?. People are so easy to post something on social media and we are so easy to react. Some reactions are good, but some are just the envy and jealous feeling. Well, It happened to me too. Most of the times, it related with parenting things, about ASI, MPASI (I think I ever wrote about this) Someone I know is so easy judging those who are not able  to breastfeed their babies (me)… and she preached all the way in social media and  so on…and so on! I no longer put my respect on her.

So, as a result. Life is good with or without gadget. But we have to make sure that we are not too dependent upon it. I will try my best not to really engage with my gadget because I have my real life. I want to have a beautiful real life. Not a gadget life.Holding and kissing my children more now, playing with them more now. Do all the good things while I can. Yes, thank you for today’s challenge, this reminds me to be back on track, back to our real life, the beautiful life.

*OMG, this post sounds so serious and so preachy!* ahhhh Forgive me, okay!

Let’s put our gadget away when we talk to people, when we hangout with our friends and family, and especially with our kids. I will always go back to  this post whenever I already so engage to my gadget. Don’t let gadget fooliing us. Don’t let gadget rules our life.Steve Jobs himself has warned us about this right? Jobs worried about the effect that technology has on children. Because I know how dangerous the effect of gadget itself, I rarely give gadget to my kids. We only let them hold the gadget once in a while. Anyway, we did not install games or whatsoever things for kids in our gadget. Just one application, about songs and rhymes, that’s it.Hopefully this post is such a good reminder for myself. But if you think this could be your reminder too, then I am grateful for that.

Please don’t hate me, because I am so preachy today! YAAAA?Yaaaa? I still love my gadget anyway, but I love my family much much more!!!!

Have a nice weekend, my dear fellaz.

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