EF #4 Doraemon, The Invisible Magic Mirror

I keep changing my mind, a bit frustating to today’s challenge. I don’t know what to write. I keep deleting and and thinking about the topic. Ohhh so ironic, because today’s challenge, according to Dani, is inspired by my idea about ‘invention’. But, let’s see how I can do this challenge.

So, what tool should I grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket? This is the question for today’s challenge in our English Friday program. I think many people will answer “pintu kemana saja” or  the magic door and the ‘bamboo propeller’, and many other famous tools from his magic pocket.

I was thinking, that all the tools from Doraemon’s magic pocket are with terms and condition. I mean, Doraemon will always warn Nobita first of how to use the tools and he will explain too about the terms and condition.So, If I have to choose one tool from his magic pocket, then I would choose one tool without those terms and conditions.HAHAHAHA….yes really. Let’s just say, that Doraemon has 1.000 tools in his magic pocket, and among 1.000 there is only one tool without terms and condition.So I will pick that one tool.

So, what too is that? Let’s name it “The Invisible Happy Mirror”. Yeayyyy I just created one tool for Doraemon. So, what does this Invisible Magic Mirror will do do? And how it will work? Ok, let me describe it:

1) Everytime when I’m feeling sad or upset, this invisible happy mirror will automatically works.

2)What will I do? just look into the mirror, smiling for 5 seconds and that mirror will bring me to one place surrounded by people whose being happy (at that moment). Because I believe that HAPPY FEELING IS CONTAGIOUS. But I will be invisible, which means people won’t notice my existance there.

3) I will be there as long as I wish. Because the tool has no term and condition right?

Wowww!!! sounds so interesting.

So, here are the places where I would like to visit using that magic mirror:

– I will be invisible in all the  music concerts that I love. People who goes to music concert must be people with a happy feeling.(Duhhh, suddenly I imagine to be in Maroon 5 concert, No Doubt concert, Bon Jovi Concert, Coldplay, DIDO, and of course my one and only, The Cardigans) ohhhhh….What a beautiful life.

-I will be invisible in some famous people’s parties. Because you won’t find sadness in a party, right? (I will attend the party of each president in the world, the party of celebrities maybe. Awwww it  would be wonderful) But I am so sure that I won’t attend the wedding party of Raffi and Gigi Hahahaha….

-I will be invisible in each of famous people’s holiday trip. Because nobody feel sad when they have holiday trips. So, I’m so gonna stalking the holiday trip of Syahrini (of course with her private jet) I’m gonna find out how she manage to sleep while traveling with those make-up on her face and high heels and so many bling-bling and those jambul on her hair?how? how?  LOL 😀 I believe, by being invisible on Syahrini’s trip, I would be laughing widely and my feeling will be extremely happy, and of course I will share the story here in my blog. BUAHAHAHAHAA……. 😀

source from: kapanlagi.com

I was sitting in front of her, trying to see how she can sleep, do you see me?no because I’m invisible….lol   (source from: kapanlagi.com)


OK, then I think that’s enough to make me happy. Anyway I don’t need that “Invisble happy mirror” if God still allow me to be surrounded by my beloved husband, my two cheeky monkeys, my parents, my sister, the whole family I have and my loyal friends. I won’t ask for anything. Really! To see them live happily has made me happy and that happy feeling would never be exchanged even with that “invisible magic mirror”. All the more, their love to me is never with terms and condition.

Thank you for reading! Stay happy, hey you Dear Happy people!!!


joeyz 😀

50 thoughts on “EF #4 Doraemon, The Invisible Magic Mirror

  1. Mbak Jo….kepikiran aja nih buat ngintilin Syahrini 😆
    it will be great if I have this tool mbak, so when I sad, I just look at the mirror and become happy again

  2. I’m one of people who will pick the magic door Jo, but what is the term and condition of magic door?
    #malah nanya

    I’ll wait your story about The Princess too, but please make a new blog, don’t make this beautifull blog become to Syahrince’s Gossip.

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