EF #5 BEC: We Chat, We Learn, We Inspire

I love learning English, and I have to deal with this language every day at work.  I have learned English since I was a kid. However, my passion to this language is not equal to my skill in using the language fluently.

As you read in my page “care to know me”, I wrote there, that one of my purposes of having this blog is to enhance my English writing skill. My grammar is getting worse and worse each day, and I realize during  these past 10 years, I only use the very simple English (Of course, because I work with little children). Sometimes my accent also got influenced by Singlish (Singaporean-English), to make it even worse and worse, I am influenced too of using the INDLISH (Indonesia-English). LOL 😀

Hence, I need a place to practice my English speaking and writing skills. Through blogging, at first I planned to write all the journals in English, but I gave up and I made a new blog address (this blog) and mixed them all here.

But, as we all know that writing In our first language is more easy, relax and free, it causes a tendency for me to write more in Bahasa Indonesia rather than in English. I wrote my thesis for my master degree with English and I almost gave up on it.  Do you know what was one of the decision that I regret the most? Yes, taking my master degree. Why  I said so? I will tell you later in my other post. But one thing for sure, my English skill is getting worse every day and now I realize that I need a place, a community that will help me to enhance and learn more about using this language correctly.

A month ago, I read Nita’s comment on Dani’s writing challenge about our readiness in facing AFTA and Ryan joined the chat too. Well, suddenly I saw that the three of them decided to form a group to learn English. And here it is, BEC has born! Blog English Club, Ladies and Gentleman!!!!.This is our 5th week and all what we need to do is to be consistent. Yes, to be consistent in doing this English Friday Project!

I joined this group from the very beginning, and I am proud to say that this BEC is one of the coolest group I have ever joined. SO, WHAT’S BEC FOR ME? Here are my answers:

-A place where I can learn and recall all the lessons that I have learned during my college time long time ago.

– A place to practice my English Skills. New vocabularies and lots of knowledge I gain from this group.

-A place to chit-chat in English and sometimes a place to ask some information related to books, movies, and recipes.A place to inspire each other. Ahhhh I love you all BEC members.

If I can simplify the answers above, I then remember about my school’s motto. It says :”WE TEACH, WE CARE, WE INSPIRE”. But here in BEC, I definitely say that in this group :


yeayyyyy! BRAVO BEC!!!!!