EF #7 : The Unforgettable Childhood Memory


That little girl reminds me of so many things

That little girl reminds me of so many things. Living a childhood life happily and surrounded by breathtaking view everyday.

Running with barefoot,

picking up beautiful flowers on a hill,

sitting on a big rock and staring at the stunning Toba Lake from above,

Catching butterflies and dragonflies with plastic bag,

collecting the fallen candlenut from the tree,

Eating cheap ‘bakpau’ in a traditional market,

Doing some chores without complaining,

and the most important thing is, playing, giggling, and exploring the village with friends happily…

Such a beautiful memories I got during my childhood in Sianjur Mula-Mula. It was only 1 year of my childhood spent there, but the memories will never fade away. I will always remember those precious memories to its details. Living in a very beautiful  village that surrounded by mountain and hills and the incredible Toba Lake will always be my favorite childhood memory. I was only a 9 year old kid who needed to stay temporarily there because we have family matter to be taken care of.

Last November, my husband and I were able to visit this place. Some of my close friends thought that my purpose of coming here because of Dee Lestari’s book, about my name mentioned as one of her sources in her supernova book, “Gelombang”. Sure, honestly Dee’s book has triggered me to do this trip. But, I think that is only a coincidence, because we did not really plan this trip. The truth is, I have missed this village so bad. It was eight years ago, since my last visit to this place. And I always feel amazed everytime I came and staring at this village, I can’t believe that I have spent one year of my childhood here. And I can’t help myself of not sharing one or two of my fav pictures below:

My Fav picture.....berkhayal agi di NZ

The village that surrounded by mountain and hills….the breathtaking view, isn’t it?


Arsam School (The biggest school in Sianjur Mula-Mula) Most probably Alfa Sagala (Ichon) studied here before :)

Arsam School (The biggest school in Sianjur Mula-Mula) Most probably Alfa Sagala (Ichon) studied here before 🙂

This writing is submitted for the 7th English Friday Challenge.
It is snap and tell a story. Sorry for showing you those pictures again, because those are beatiful pictures I have so far, plus the memory is too precious to me.

Have a nice weekend everybody (still on chinese new year holiday)