EF #8 : Because You Are So Precious, Dear Joeyz!

younger joeyz

younger joeyz

Dear 23 yo Joeyz

Hey, what’s up girl? Why tears covering your face?

Oh come on! That guy again? Is he still ruining your life?

Hey dear, he has wasted your time!
You have loved him like a fool.

Another same old song, will repeat- repeat-repeat!

I thought you have changed your mind after so many times he hurt you. Hey girl, listen up! There is no other chance for you and him to be together again. He will play the same old song, repeat-repeat- repeat! Got it girl?

Now, you have to open your eyes, open your heart and your mind. Look around you and try to appreciate the little things that you’ve missed for so long. Anyway, there is another guy who is so into you right now. But I guess you never realized that, since your mind is too busy with him.

No worries Jo, I know it will take time to forget him but I believe this guy who admires you so much, he will be the one who will ease your sorrow, ease all the pain. Yes of course you need time, baby! So, take your time. But please, don’t waste your time too long for him. You are too precious, dear Jo!

Anyway, Congrats for being a kindergarten teacher in a new school. This is your dream job, isn’t it? After teaching college students and the autistic kids now you will experience another challenge in teaching. I know how passionate you are to early childhood education, so keep your spirit high and never stop learning, ok!

You seems so excited to pursue your dream, and congrats again that you are accepted as the LTBI student. You will start the class on January 2006. Your journey to finish your master degree would be so hard, and you will meet many obstacles during your study, especially when finishing your Thesis. That is why I warn you to use your time wisely, and you have to finish what you have started with. Don’t give up! Just don’t give up!

Dear 23 yo Joeyz,
I know it’s a huge difference happen in your life this year. A new job, a new reponsibility, a new student again, and a new relationship with someone.

Remember to what I said, that you are a precious self. You gotta love yourself first and be true to yourself. That’s all I can say. Good luck for all the new challenges in your life. I know how overwhelmed you are now with all of these. Keep your feet on the ground, and again please bear in mind, that you are a precious self!

You’ll be fine, you’ll be ok!

33 yo joeyz

This writing is a submission to EF challenge this week, to write a letter to our 10 years younger selves

10 years ago was such a huge year for me. I never appreciate myself and I gotta learn a lot to realize how precious I am so that I won’t do stupid things again in life