Fast Forward

Can I just fast forward the days to March 16 please?

Yes, I wish I could.

When I have so many things to do and when everything seems so wrong, I just wanna fast forward the days. Sometimes I want to fast forward it to a certain date when I have already planned something great on that day.

Take an example when I was in the process of  my wedding preparation. The days seemed so hectic and I felt that I can’t breathe anymore. All I wanted to do was to fast forward the date to October 6th (we got married on October 4th) because we have planned a honeymoon trip to Bali on October 6th.Thinking about October 6th could reduced the level of my stressfulness at that time.

So, the same thing like now. I have so many things at work (but still stealing time to blogging..hahaha hell yeah!) We are busy preparing for our Art Exhibition this week, but my two assistants in the classroom were not able to come (one has resigned and the other one got sick–since last Friday) OMG!! what a week!.

But, thinking about what I will do on March 16th is making me feel energize again. Yeahhhh! I wish I could fast forward the days. Unfortunately we can’t, right? unless I am Nobita and I have Doraemon besides me as my bestfriend. So, have you ever wish the same thing like mine? to fast forward the days?  Thinking the beautiful days ahead will give me spirit to finish the tasks I have and to face some problems.

Btw, when I wrote this post, I was taking a break in my classroom. I am alone and as usual I turn on the radio a bit loud so I won’t feel lonely. I was listening to  this song, Destiny’s Child (Jumpin’-Jumpin)

Ohhhhh now I just wanna sing along and dance…(saking stressnyaaaa) lol

So, Can I just fast forward the days?

Ps:  The post that I published this morning is an old post which has been saved in the draft for quite sometimes. Hoping that reading the post will make me happier 🙂



17 thoughts on “Fast Forward

  1. Of course I have, when I experience something unpleasant or unhappy. I just wish that I could make this day faster, until the time I got back from the office :haha.
    But not rarely that I want the other way around, too. Sometimes I just longing for my past, (kind of) desperately hoping that that specific day would come again to my life, and suddenly the time stops, not moving, so I could living the moment forever.
    At the second thought, that thought is quite crazy, actually :haha.

  2. I read the note but still wonder what happened on March 16th 😁
    Take a deep breath Joyce…do it a couple more times and try to see the problem in a new perspective. Maybe you’ll get some new ideas to organize things 😊

  3. Sometimes I secretly wish I could fast forward the day especially when I’m tired and need a long rest. Gladly the wish did not come true because if I do that, I would be much older now 🙂

    Good luck with the art exhibition Joyce!

  4. Same here , mostly when I get bored or filing just blah just wanna fast forward into something fun gitu juga si Jo . Wondering what will happen on march16 Jo? Sounds like big day for you… Goodluck ya! 🙂

    • Iya nis…udah mumet ama kerjaan tapi trus inget ada hari yang bakal nyenengin di kedepannya jadi bikin semangat dan pengen cepet2 tiba hari itu. March 16 ga spesial2 amat nis…cuma mau ngetrip bareng si Gwin dan adekku

  5. Ooo. Vacation time ya Jo.
    Off course I have the same feeling also. Sometime I just want to fast forward. Wishing I have that remote control from Click movie.
    But the again. Remembering the movie itself brings new thought. How he missed all the time he should have with his family.

    Now… I just try to enjoy every moment. I don’t want miss a thing *singing Aerosmith song*

    Btw. I love Jumping Jumping! Made me really want to jump.

  6. Akupun sering berpikir untuk fast foward mbak Jo…bisa skip Thesis terus langsung wisuda aja gitu 😅

    Tetap semangat mbak Jo!! Tanggal 16 akan datang mbak 😉

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