EF #9 : Don’t Be Shy :)

Hello everyone, I just want to say, I feel so relieved that my Art Exhibition went successfuly today. I will tell you the story and will post lots of pictures later. But before that, let me finish this EF challenge first. It’s more like an assignment now to me. I feel that I cannot postpone of doing it. There is no excuse to not doing the challenge. So, here I am with my ‘panda’ eyes and sore feet trying to do today’s challenge.

What Is My Meet Up story?

Oh well, I am new to this blogspere so I don’t have any interesting story to tell. So, far I have met Sondang (the famous blogger) and Mba Fitri (the bagindaratu whose been absent from blogshpere for so long). I met Sondang twice. First in Plaza Semanggi (she treated me in Thai and I) and the second one was last December in Central Park Mall. I promised her to treat Hong Tang (the famous dessert from Taiwan, duhh so mainstream right?). So, we did that in CP mall. Upon our first meeting, I was very surprised to heard Sondang’s baritone’s voice. It’s kinda different with my imaginatioin before. Since she always claimed her self as a talkative person, so I assumed that she has a ‘cempreng’ voice. HAHAHHAHAHA…..and I was totaly wrong…she is a bazzokaaa lady! 😀

my first meet up moment  (with Sondang)

my first meet up moment (with Sondang)

I like her alot. She is so friendly and we can talk almost about everything. But, unfortunately I was so shy, so nervous. Even I have met her for two times already, I think I will still shy and so nervous to hangout with her.

The other meet up was with Mba Fitri. Actually It was not really planned well, but we really enjoyed our first meeting. It was last November when I and uppa (with duo G) went to Bandung because uppa’s friend passed away. So, I uploaded few pictures on IG, and Mba Fitri knew that we were in Bandung, so she wanted to meet me (awwww I am so happy) then I said, let’s meet up then.The funeral ceremony was held in RSA Bandung (Cihampelas) so Mba Fitri went to Ciwalk, so I and my kids just took a walk to Ciwalk and I left my husband there in the RSA church (Anyway it’s too crowded there, and poor the kids, they don’t have space).

Hows my impression upon meeting Mba Fitri? I tell you she’s prettier than her picture. I mean, she is pretty in the picture but her skin looks so shiny and I want to dip in my face into the miracle water of SK II. Ahhh makes me so jealous and so shy. But well, after talking and talking with no ending (see! I am so talkative too) then I felt comfortable already and I think I want to meet her again. I felt so stupid, why I should be shy meeting my blogger fellows? We’ve already known each other’s stories from our daily post right? *Oh, but I think I will still feel nervous though* 😀

With bagindaratu aka mba Fitri (in CiwalkBandung)

With bagindaratu aka mba Fitri (in CiwalkBandung) look! she brought me one pack of Batagor kingsley…yummm!!!

So, those are my meet up story with blogger fellows. Nothing so interesting right? but once I met Nita too (mamiLitu). She is one of my favorite blogger. I read her story but I never leave my comment (Sorry to blogspot user, I always failed to post my comment there). I met Nita accidently in Sea World Ancol, and I spontaneously greeted her and she replied me with a big smile and we chatted for a minute. She was there to accompany her daughter on school field trip, while I was on my duty bringing my students on field trip too. I just knew that Nita’s daughter studied in the same school (but different campus) with mine. Hi Nita! nice to meet you and we chit chat sometimes in WA too (talking about early childhood education and motherhood thingy).

What is my dream Meet up? of course the BEC meet up! the one that I missed! huhuhuhu *cryingLoud*. I was so envy looking all of your pictures guys! I really wish to be there. Unfortunately I will never join any kind of program on Saturday, because I go to church every Saturday (I am a Seventh day Adventist church, anyway). Phewwwww!!!!  I really hope that I can join the next BEC meet up, and really-really-really-really hope that it won’t be held on Saturday again. *Ok, admins? pleaseeeee* (hahahha begging and sogok macaroni and red velvet nih) 😀

Ps: I have planned to meet Maya since long time ago but we never made it! huhuhuhu

Ps (again): Last week, I and Puji have planned to meet up within next week (after work like 6 or 7 pm) we plan to meet in Puri Indah Mall or around kebon jeruk area. Anyone want to join us? please, you are welcome.Why is it in Puri mall or kebon jeruk? because my house is in west Jakarta and Puji works in that area too. Yukkk yukkk let’s meet up. And the question is: Will I be shy again?

I submit this writing for EF challenge this week. About Our Meet Up Moments.