EF #10 : Sate Padang To The Rescue

Wow this is the 10th week EF challenge already? And so far I did all the challenges consistently without never being late (oh well, I was late one time)…

This week theme is asking about our favorite Indonesian’s cuisine. It is kinda easy for me because I have once wrote about this topic too in my blog. You may read it here . In that post, I mentioned that ‘sate padang’ is my number one favorite food. The food that will never die. The most comfort food I know. When I was pregnant and had morning sickness, I couldn’t eat anything, so SATE PADANG TO THE RESCUE. hehehe…but definitely I don’t have guts to make this food by myself. I will surrender all to Ajo-Ajo (the expert one). Hehehe 😀

Hence, even I love ‘sate padang’ so much, I am also a big fan of MANADONESE FOOD!  yayyyy!! I always love going to Manadonese Restaurant. These are my 3 favorite Manadonese Restaurants:

-BEAUTIKA (the most authentic one so far, though its quiete expensive)

pic pinjem di : jakarta100bars.com

source : jakarta100bars.com

-Chamoe-chamoe (Not so spicy but still super delicious) and their lalampa are made by my friend’s boyfriend. I love lalampaaaaa so very much!!!!

– The other one, is “Sarang Oci” its located in Jalan Panjang-arteri. They provide the best grilled fish with Manado’s spices.

Oh my God! talking about food is actually a big mistake, because it makes you craving for it. Well, ok back to ‘Sate padang’. So far, the yummiest sate padang I have tried is Sate padang Ajo Ramon (The one in Jl, Cikajang) but I should also say that Sate padang Mak Syukur is the yummiest too. Some people suggested me to try ‘sate padang’ in Rumah makan pagi-sore (or petang?) in Cipete. Ahhh who cares? I will go to Padang someday and gonna eat the real satay there. Ameeennn amennn! hahaha…I will put Padang in my bucket list then. *ahh blame it to the satay* lol 😀

The last time I ate ‘sate padang’ was last week, with my friend after we had our preparation for the art exhibition(we felt extremely tired so we thought it’s a good idea if we reward ourselves with sate padang). ‘Sate Padang’ is my healing food. Whenever I feel tired, gloomy, and sad just give me 1 plate of ‘sate padang”…. and everything will be alright! Hahahaha…yes SATE PADANG TO THE RESCUE!!!, Lol 😀

This writing is submitted to EF challenge this week.