EF #10 : Sate Padang To The Rescue

Wow this is the 10th week EF challenge already? And so far I did all the challenges consistently without never being late (oh well, I was late one time)…

This week theme is asking about our favorite Indonesian’s cuisine. It is kinda easy for me because I have once wrote about this topic too in my blog. You may read it here . In that post, I mentioned that ‘sate padang’ is my number one favorite food. The food that will never die. The most comfort food I know. When I was pregnant and had morning sickness, I couldn’t eat anything, so SATE PADANG TO THE RESCUE. hehehe…but definitely I don’t have guts to make this food by myself. I will surrender all to Ajo-Ajo (the expert one). Hehehe 😀

Hence, even I love ‘sate padang’ so much, I am also a big fan of MANADONESE FOOD!  yayyyy!! I always love going to Manadonese Restaurant. These are my 3 favorite Manadonese Restaurants:

-BEAUTIKA (the most authentic one so far, though its quiete expensive)

pic pinjem di : jakarta100bars.com

source : jakarta100bars.com

-Chamoe-chamoe (Not so spicy but still super delicious) and their lalampa are made by my friend’s boyfriend. I love lalampaaaaa so very much!!!!

– The other one, is “Sarang Oci” its located in Jalan Panjang-arteri. They provide the best grilled fish with Manado’s spices.

Oh my God! talking about food is actually a big mistake, because it makes you craving for it. Well, ok back to ‘Sate padang’. So far, the yummiest sate padang I have tried is Sate padang Ajo Ramon (The one in Jl, Cikajang) but I should also say that Sate padang Mak Syukur is the yummiest too. Some people suggested me to try ‘sate padang’ in Rumah makan pagi-sore (or petang?) in Cipete. Ahhh who cares? I will go to Padang someday and gonna eat the real satay there. Ameeennn amennn! hahaha…I will put Padang in my bucket list then. *ahh blame it to the satay* lol 😀

The last time I ate ‘sate padang’ was last week, with my friend after we had our preparation for the art exhibition(we felt extremely tired so we thought it’s a good idea if we reward ourselves with sate padang). ‘Sate Padang’ is my healing food. Whenever I feel tired, gloomy, and sad just give me 1 plate of ‘sate padang”…. and everything will be alright! Hahahaha…yes SATE PADANG TO THE RESCUE!!!, Lol 😀

This writing is submitted to EF challenge this week.


54 thoughts on “EF #10 : Sate Padang To The Rescue

  1. When I was pregnant, I felt sick for Sate Padang because of the sauce. So I never tried it, but my hubby loves this. I think I should try it. For Manadonese, I haven’t tried any of them, too, they are spicy right?

  2. I recommend you to eat Sate Laysir if you visit Bukittinggi. It’s sooo tasty, Mbak Jo 🙂
    I wonder whether I can take the spiciness of Manadonese foods 😉 Yet I want to try them.

  3. Sate Padang has an unique sauce. Taste the sauce once and it is good. But I have never eaten the sate.

    quiete – kelebihan e Jo. Terlalu excited nulis soal sate Padang sepertinya.

  4. Ah if I may, I recommend you a real Manadonese restaurant with reasonable price, Tinoor at Jalan Gondangdia. This is the real deal Jo. It is hard to blogwalk through this EF challenge this week, it is a torture to my eyes & stomach 🙂

  5. Pertama nyoba sate padang di deket Monas, jadi2an jadi rasanya amburadul. Pas nyoba makan di Pasar Balai Salasa (padahal warung kecik biasoo) weleh..henak tenan lah😘😘

  6. Well, the opposite side is me, as I always late in submitting the challenge :huhu.
    Sate Padang? I’ve tried once before and I am not so sure in saying that I like it… the sate padang that I’ve eaten before seemed lack of seasonings. Maybe I should try the one in Cikajang St, it’s at the front of Santa Market, right?
    And speaking of Manado dishes… the one thing I know is that the dishes are mainly based on fish. Woku-woku, is it? And Manado Porridge… I haven’t tasted any yet :hihi.
    New foods to try, I think.

  7. Hai mba jo. Garagara sate padang aku jadi mau komen. Deket sarang oci kalo malem ada tukang sate padang mangkal disitu dan rasanya maknyus. Soto nya pun enak. Harganya apalagi. Murce! Just in case kalo ke sarang oci malem bisa sekalian mampir n bungkus buat nyemil 😁😁😁

  8. Jooooo si Edi sukaaak banget sate padang, dan di Medan juga enaaak banget sate padangnya. Nah si Ajo Ramon itu kan di Santa ya godaaaan banget pas aku masih PP Rabu Jumat doang, di hari biasa kalo diajak ke sana aku susah nolaaaak

  9. Kuliner Indonesia memang tidak ada tandingannya. setiap daerah mempunya ciri khas dan kelezatan tersendiri… Sate Padang merupakan makanan kegemaran saya ! keren foto-fotonya 😀 sukses selalu ya.

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