EF #11 OOTD: Casual Sporty Chic

OMG! The theme of our EF challenge this week is so incredible! It is about OOTD (Outfit Of The day) ladies and gentleman!

I don’t have so many things to say because I’m blogging from Malang now and I just want to finish the challege given this weekend. NO COMPROMISE right? Even I am on my vacation, I should submit it…*salim admin atu2*

Anyway, I want to raise one question related to OOTD thingy.

“Who was the first person created this ‘OOTD’ term?

If this OOTD term is being used when I still have a’supermodel body shape’. I mean, when I was so slim and had flat tummy, then I doubt myself that the level of my narcissm might be higher than now. Lol :))))

So, here is my OOTD picture. Taken 2 days ago while I was in Museum angkut (oh I love this place, with so many gorgeous spots for taking narcissm photopgraphs) hahaha :))


*Jacket: Forever 21
*Jeans: I forgot the brand but I bought it in Matahari department 1 year ago (during big sale)
*shoes: Adidas
*Sunnies: Aldo
*blue tshirt: no brand (bought it in Pasar Laris with only 35rb rupiahs)

I will always fall in love to the casual,sporty and chic outfit. Well, I don’t know if the picture of my OOTD above is reflecting the casual, sporty and chic. What do you think?

Have a nice weekend everyone!
*posting this otw to Bromo*

60 thoughts on “EF #11 OOTD: Casual Sporty Chic

  1. First time i saw the jacket reminded mine that i left behind in Sf ahahahah. I bought in f21 too and bought it around 8bucks or simething. Sale nya parah disana hrheheheh. Eye-ing ur cutie shoes!!! ❤️ it

  2. You are so fashionable :)).
    Yes, I agree with the others, the jacket gives a strong taste to your clothing style. Mixing and matching clothes is a daunting task for me, but it seems that you’ve done it very well. How long did you spend for choosing the clothes, Miss?
    And oh, Bromo! I wish I could go there :hiks.

  3. mamak ini nghits bangett… dan kamu beneer jooo… tempat itu indah banget buat yg suka narsiiiss… hahaha

    btw, ke surabaya kapan sampe kapan??

    • Makasih da. Kalo dah gini berasa lupa usia ya da. Iya kemaren itu kab inget temanya OOTD…skalian aja deh foto disitu.

      Kami dah di jkt da. Tadi mampir mau ketempat temenku di jl. Darmo aja batal krna ga sempet. Huhuhu

  4. Waaa ke bromo asiknyooo! Selamat liburan, Mbak! And I dig that jacket. Yang baju merah jangan sampe lolos, Mbak hahaha

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