My Favorite Boy In The world

To my Favorite Boy in the world… today March 26th 2015, you are turning 3 and I am the happiest mother seeing how you have grown into a healthy and cheerful boy!

I still remember how you have stayed in my womb for 38 weeks and you always kicked me really hard, and that time I know you’ll grow into a strong boy. I hold you in my arms when You’re still so tiny and fragile but look now, I still like to do it until today because I am afraid that you won’t let me do it anymore in the near future. If I always said that you are my possesive boy, now you can call me as your possesive mom. Oh ndul! I wish you know how much I really love you.

Have a blessed birthday ndulnya mama! I love you..I love you I Love You and I love you Billion times. I thank God for your presence in our life, you are such a lovely boy who always bring happiness through your silly jokes and and all the laughter that you have shared. Grow and glow my little one! Sorry that papa might not be here to celebrate your birthday, but you know how much he loves you maybe more than anyone in this world!!!!

Ps: don’t worry, we’ll meet pop on Saturday night and he’ll bring you a great birthday present! Be good, always son! You are my favorite boy in the world, and Will always be!



Love you Ndul!!!

Mom,pop, Kakak G