EF #12 : “Beat” Me If You Can!


Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to my everyday superhero that brings me back and forth from home to work. It is my Honda Beat, my beloved motorcycle which I bought a year ago after my old motorcycle finally broken because of the flood. I got 2 small accidents when I rode motorcycle. The first one was with my old motorcycle, I fell down and got injured a bit in my hand and legs. The second one was with this new motorcycle and it causes the speedometer broken. I hope there is no more accident. AMEN!

Riding a motorcycle in the crazy city like Jakarta is one of the solution for me to avoid the traffic and not to get late to work. Yes I know, if you are driving a car you might cursing us, for the bikers on the road are the most stubborn and annoying people, and it will make the traffic even getting worse. Why do I know that? Because on the other hand I use car too during weekends. I and my husband always hate those bikers who kept squeezing to our car while we were on the traffic. So Ironic, right?

Yes it is true, I hate it why there are too many motorcycles every day on the road. It made me even more stressful and made me think to escape from this city. (Literally ! Yes I really mean it! Can I just move to NZ? *hahahaha…)

Unfortunately, this is the only thing that I can do to solve my every day problems, yes by using motorcycle. So,let me tell you the reasons why I choose Motorcycle:

1) Simply because we only have one car and my husband use it every day to work.

2) Saving Time. The distance from my house to work is only 20 minutes with motorcycle while it took 1 hour if I use puclblic transportation. (See the difference?)

3)sssssttt… Please don’t tell anyone that actually I C a n n o t d r i v e!!!. Lol 😀

4) Motorcycle is easy to handle and cheaper in the daily use of gasoline.

5) Easy to park anywhere

So, are the points above clear enough to make you believe that riding a motor cycle is so much fun?
On the other hand, there are some points that I would rather to choose using a car instead of motorcycle, and here are my reasons:

1)I hate it when it rained and when the weather is really hot. Raincoat and jacket must be ready at all times.

2) I cannot bring my kids along with me without any other adult’s supervision on the motorcycle. It is so dangerous because most of the times my kids are always sleeping on the car and all the more on the motorcyle. That is why I always have my cousin (who works in the same school with me) to take care Kakak G on my ride and I never go home together with G, I let my dad to pick her up every day because she will always sleeping when she travels. This is such a big homework for me, since next school year we have to move to our new house and I should be able to drive and bring along the kids with me to school (ndul will join us too this July so it is impossible to use motorcycle).

3) Yes, I really want to drive and own a car so I can easily travel anywhere with my kids. Using motorcycle has so many risks compare to any other vehicles (the accidents, oh my!) Especially when you have to bring your kids along with you. Don’t you agree with me?

I wish I can drive and we can purchase a car soon. Ahhh I really wish! But when I have my own car, don’t you think I will add more problems to this city? Oh well, but look at how bad our public transportation is. However, I still use TransJakarta, kopaja or Metromini when I need to go to Sudirman or Kuningan area. Ojek and Bajaj will also become my favorite transportation.

It’s a dilemma sometimes. But what can we do? And for now, this honda beat is the only vehicle I can count on. Beat me if you can! :))))

Here is my picture with my old motorcycle

*This writing is submitted to EF writing challenge this week about Vehicles*

Have a nice weekend fellow bloggers!

Joeyz the biker