EF #13 : Sweating Like Hell In Muay-Thai Camp

The EF challenge this week is like a slap on my face, since I have been absent from doing sport for couple of months. Well, I think more than four months already. Blame it to my lazy a*s. Oh my! how could I be so ignorant about healthy lifestyle recently. I kept munching day and night, no more honey lemon shot in the morning, no more fresh juice, no more clean eating, and to make it even worse, NO MORE EXERCISE! *ERRRRRRR……pinching my huge thigh*

So, If someone asked me what is my favorite sport? It’s definitely MUAY-THAI. I kept on talking about this sport many times in this blog. Why is Muay-thai? Simply because this sport made me sweating like hell. Really! I always looked like a rat that dipped in the pond every time I finished my Muay-thai session. I looked so terrible and awful with all the sweat all over my body. However I love this and I thought this is really cool because it is such a big thing for me. FYI I am a kind of a person who is so difficult to get sweat.

The sad news is, I might stop doing this sport for quiete sometimes. Why ? Because I was just about to renewed my membership in the muay-thai camp 2 months ago, then suddenly I was so surprised to find out the different trainers and management in that camp. Where is Mas Tora, my crazy trainer? Really! This is not cool anymore because all the new trainers are female. Not to underestimate female as trainers, but somehow I felt uncomfortable with the way they trained me. Therefore, from that day until now I’d never come back to that place again. Doing Muay-Thai will never be the same again..Hikssss!. Tora plays an important role in that camp because he is one of the best trainer. He could be so mean to me and to other members but he is the best so far. He really knows how to make us to stay strong and and finish the challenge. I have tried with many other trainers but seems it never worked. If you want to know how I did my Muay-thai, here is a short video, taken 1,5 years ago when I was still active in doing the Muay-thai. I miss my gloves, I miss the crazy training session, and of course I miss the sweat! Anyway I started doing this sport since June 2013 but not consistently doing it.

And for now, I might go to the gym again and I hope I will do it consistently. Stay healthy my dear friends.

I mIss to be tortured in this camp

I miss to be tortured in this camp

I miss to put on my orange gloves and do the punch2 :(

I miss to put on my orange gloves and do the punch2 😦

19 thoughts on “EF #13 : Sweating Like Hell In Muay-Thai Camp

    • Iyaaa memang nih jarak or lokasi juga menentukan. Ini tmptanya dekat tmpt aku ngajar ra..jadi skalian pulang deh..sayangnya triner dan manajemen ganti semua

    • Yes dan. He is so mean yet the best one in that camp. The female triners made me feel uncomfortable. Yes try this sport dan… you will feel good afterwards

  1. menarik ya olahraga Muat-Thai ini,kira2 olahraga ini klo yang ikut orang2 “lembek” (lelet, gak punya power kuat buat nendang2/pukul2 gitu) macam saya bisa gak ya?hehe

  2. Wow, you rocks Mbak. Muay thai is an amazing sport as it moves body entirely. I, too, sometimes want to do some martial arts but don’t have that much of confidence, afraid for being a laughing stock :huhu *malah curcol*.

  3. Katanya kalok thai boxing gitu bisa bikin badan kenceng sekalian bisa beladiri kan, Kaaaak.. 😀 Aku pun mau lah, tapi payah cariknya di Medan..

  4. Disini yang ikut muay thai cowo semua yang kekar2 semua, sayang banget. Padahal aku mau coba. Dulu pernah sih ikut Taekwondo selama setahun, cuma berhenti gara2 mulai kuliah di Denmark… 🙂

    • Iya serem juga kalo yg ikut laki kekar semua. Aku juga feel comfortable di camp karena banyak cewe dan ibu2nya. Jagoan semua tp tuh ibu2.

      Wow taekwondo…keren!

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