It’s Like A Dream

Yes, It’s like a dream that now I have to lie down on bed since last Tuesday with my right hand wrapped with bandage…after the accident happened exactly last week on Tuesday. (Tulang siku bergeser… ouchhh)

I thought I got better on Friday but I was wrong. I have to stay in “klinik patah tulang” for 5 days… Its a long story to tell..

I know I should not post this, but I just feel bored for 7 days already! My head is spinning doing nothing here.
There are times that I want to curse the ojek who brought me on that day, but for what? It won’t make me feel better, right? Hopefully I will get better soon because there are so many works need to be done.

So here is my mantra for these past few days

Have a nice day friends!

Ps: I type this with my left hand