It’s Like A Dream

Yes, It’s like a dream that now I have to lie down on bed since last Tuesday with my right hand wrapped with bandage…after the accident happened exactly last week on Tuesday. (Tulang siku bergeser… ouchhh)

I thought I got better on Friday but I was wrong. I have to stay in “klinik patah tulang” for 5 days… Its a long story to tell..

I know I should not post this, but I just feel bored for 7 days already! My head is spinning doing nothing here.
There are times that I want to curse the ojek who brought me on that day, but for what? It won’t make me feel better, right? Hopefully I will get better soon because there are so many works need to be done.

So here is my mantra for these past few days

Have a nice day friends!

Ps: I type this with my left hand


50 thoughts on “It’s Like A Dream

  1. Waaa sama banget kita Mbaak… saya juga lagi stay in bed nih buat beberapa hari terakhir :huhu. Sampai kadang bingung, apa istirahat itu cuma dengan tidur doang ya :hehe. Get well soon Mbak, kita bisa!

  2. waduh ! tukang ojeknya bawanya ngebut ya ?! tapi anggota tubuh yang lain gak kenapa-napa kan ?! udah dicek kan ?! klinik patah tulang dimana ?! sudah ke guru singa ?! coba bawa ke guru singa, di pondok kelapa jg ada. cepat di sana sembuhnya. dulu abangku disuruh operasi di RS, tapi dibawa ke guru singa, sebulan nyatu lagi tulang rusuknya.

    hati-hati lain kali ya jo’ … kl udh ngebut2x, omelin aja. get well soon dek’

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