EF #15: Paper Doll

I was so obsessed with paper dolls back then when I was in elementry school. I collected lots of them and group them into different colors or types of attire.

I always imagined that one day I could have those clothes and wore them to the parties. However, the obsession to paper dolls made me lazy and my mom got upset so one day she threw all my paper dolls. I remember how mad I was at that time that I hide under the bed crying the whole day there. Lol 🙂

One thing that I won’t forget when playing paper dolls, we play pretend and had so much fun doing lots of silly conversation. Building a house for the dolls, decorate the living room, made a bed from the ciggarette’s box and many more…. It was so much fun!


Anyway, I played outdoor too. I was a cheeky monkey who loved and really good in climbing a tree. Lots of trees infront of our house in Binjai before. Never I will forget a year of my childhood spent in Sianjur Mula-Mula where I explore the hills and picking so many beautiful flowers! Hunting the fallen candlenuts and played the candlenuts with the boys. I love the games we had before.

Nowadays, kids and even babies are given gadgets. Poor them that they never experience the real childhood games. I try as much as possible not to give my kids any gadget. Well, sometimes I let them play too but so rarely. I let them play their toys like blocks,dolls, cars, coloring books, etc. I introduced them to outdoor play too. I wish to have a house with a big backyard so my kids will play lots of outdoor games, but as we know that even a very small house in Jakarta is very expensive….

This writing is a submission to English Friday challenge #15 about our chilhood and nowadays games.


EF #14 : Ikkyu San

What? writing EF challenge #14? Yes I know its kinda late but with my condition…its understanable right?

The cartoon character that I will never forget is “Ikkyu San”. I think My Eda aka Ka Monda ( fyi we call each other Eda because ka Monda has the same family name with uppa) has mentioned about this before, Ikkyu San.

Ikkyu-san is an anime based on the historical Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyu that follows his mischievous adventures as a child during his stay at Ankoku Temple. In each episode, Ikkyu relies on his intelligence and wit to solve all types of problems, from distraught farmers to greedy merchants.


I thanked my Dad who bought me the cassette of Ikkyu San when I was 9 years old. Yes its a cassette and I played it over and over in a tape player…listened to the story like thousand times until it broken and cannot be fixed anymore. So I know Ikkyu San not from a cartoon movie but from a cassette. That is why I was so happy when Ikkyu San was on tv years after my cassette has broken.

I still remember the theme song and the voice of Ikkyu….ahhh memories!

This writing is a submission to EF challenge #14 about our favorite cartoon character