EF #14 : Ikkyu San

What? writing EF challenge #14? Yes I know its kinda late but with my condition…its understanable right?

The cartoon character that I will never forget is “Ikkyu San”. I think My Eda aka Ka Monda ( fyi we call each other Eda because ka Monda has the same family name with uppa) has mentioned about this before, Ikkyu San.

Ikkyu-san is an anime based on the historical Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyu that follows his mischievous adventures as a child during his stay at Ankoku Temple. In each episode, Ikkyu relies on his intelligence and wit to solve all types of problems, from distraught farmers to greedy merchants.


I thanked my Dad who bought me the cassette of Ikkyu San when I was 9 years old. Yes its a cassette and I played it over and over in a tape player…listened to the story like thousand times until it broken and cannot be fixed anymore. So I know Ikkyu San not from a cartoon movie but from a cassette. That is why I was so happy when Ikkyu San was on tv years after my cassette has broken.

I still remember the theme song and the voice of Ikkyu….ahhh memories!

This writing is a submission to EF challenge #14 about our favorite cartoon character

6 thoughts on “EF #14 : Ikkyu San

  1. Wow, kalau nggak baca ini, mungkin memori soal Ikkyu San sudah hilang total. Saya ingat kalau dia mencari solusi selalu dalam posisi bersila terus muncul efek suara “tuk…tuk…tuk” sampai muncul ide.

    Nice post 🙂

  2. Listening stories through a cassette is truly an unforgettable experience, Mbak! I remember listening to an episode of Batman through it, and I think I could still remember the voices :hehe.
    As for Ikkyu San, I haven’t ever watched nor listened to it, but from what I’ve read, there are a lot of moral values from the character.

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