EF #18: Me Vs Me

Talking about a complicated relationship, I will definitely think about the relationship between me and my ex-boyfriend. We will never broke up if we don’t have a complicated relationship. *well at least that’s what I thought about him 100 years ago hahaa*.

However, I finally know to whom I have complicated relationship with. I have always said to myself :

“Do your work now Jo! Don’t postpone it” – But I end up with snuggling on bed (well, I have a little progress with this case)

” Stop eating snacks at night, or you’ll gain your weight” -But I end up with eating martabak telor before I went to sleep. *sigh* -_-

“Manage your anger when you see everything doesn’t go as it be”- But yes I end up like Hulk, well, hulk is too much maybe but when I got upset be sure you won’t be around me. I have bigger eyes and sharper teeth….hahaha no just kidding, I am more like an angel. *you wanna throw up?please!* :))))))

So, lots of things I have said to myself, but many times I disregard them. I disregard what I said, what I have planned, what I have promised to myself. So that’s it! Thats what I called C O M P L I C A T E D !

But then I ask myself again, is it possible to have a complicated relationship with ourselves?

Do I have a complicated relationship with myself?
Well, I guess I do. People said that our biggest enemy is ourselves, right? Trying not to, but there is always thing happen of “Me Vs Me” inside myself.

Don’t let the complicated relationship stay longer. Instead, let’s learn to end it up day by day. So there will be no more ” Me Vs Me”

This writing is a submission for EF challenge about “complicated relationship”  Have a nice weekend fellaz