EF #20 : L-O-V-E

This week, the challenge from BEC is about how the relationship affect your life? And the answer is absolutely easy.

1) I am more motivated
2)Feel loved all the time (being loved is the most greatest feeling, after all)
3)Makes my life brighter and happier

However, its the other way round when we broke up or had an argument all things become so hard

1)Hard to eat, work and sleep
2)Hard to think clearly
3)Hard to smile

That’s it? No other ‘curcol’ part here? Lol.
Yeah! This time please don’t expect me to have another ‘curcol’ just like last week challenge. Though I have a story of Mr.Uphil part 2. Yes, after I stalked his Fb last week…Lol!! Because some of you were asking where is he now?and it made me wondered too so I stalked his FB and all of our stories have cleared now. Well, ok I don’t think I need to share it with you, I only share it with uppa…Hihihihi ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “EF #20 : L-O-V-E

  1. It will be very wise if after you shared it with Uppa, you share it here so we could know without wondering :hihi, because I think your relationship with Mr. Uphil was one of the most life-changing relationship that you’ve ever had :hehe.

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