Busy Bees

Its two more weeks before our last day of school and of course before our (very) long holiday…yeayyy!!!. But as usual, before we have our “leha-leha” time, we teachers have to be ‘tortured’ first with the report card, portfolio, and our end year show plus the K2 graduation woohooooo…. πŸ™‚

Our Show will be about Cinderella, not because of the movie but we have planned this since last year. So its a coincidence that we can take the tagline from the movie ‘have courage and be kind’ as our tagline too and together with that, the song ‘Lavender Blue’ as our opening song too. Yeayyy!

We have been practicing since 3 weeks ago, that is why it’s kinda busy at school now. I really want to continue my writing about ‘boarding school’ but I have no time. (Instead I just write this…hihihi)

For the graduation day, the kids will sing First grade-First grade. “BUNDA” (Melly Goeslaw) for their moms and “Ayah” (Ada Band) for their dads. The thank you song for the teachers and the poems.

Today we have a graduation photoshoot and I was crying to see these kids wearing their graduation robe….I watch them grow and learn at school every day and now they will go to primary class. How time flies!

So, 2 weeks ahead would be very busy weeks for me! I try my best to keep reading your blogpost but maybe won’t be able to leave some comments there.

Ps: psssssst …please don’t envy me, I will have 6 weeks holidays..hehe

Have a nice weekend my dear fellow bloggers…. and happy busy bees for me




33 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. It will be amazing when someday, one of them met you somewhere and notice you as their teacher πŸ™‚ And you’ll be amazed as well by seeing them grown up hehe Selamat berlibur!

  2. Wow, 6 weeks are quite long. I envy you! So much! I could do lots of journeys in 6 weeks time :hihi.
    Well, good luck! My father is a teacher too so I kind of know how busy the teachers are before the day. And good luck for the show, too, I hope it will be spectacular!

    • Yes Gar… 6 weeks but its kinda short since this year the lebaran break is combined with the school holiday. Usually we have 5 weeks holiday and later on lebaran we have 2,5 weeks holiday.

      Thank you Gar. Yes I hope it will run smoothly

      • In total, it’s 7,5 weeks. Working as a teacher is hard but the holiday is equal, very equal. In fact, it couldn’t be much more than 7,5 weeks, could it? Ah I miss my school days…

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