I’m Your Patient, Please Look At Me!

Yesterday finally I made an appointment with the doctor in one of the hospital where I gave birth to my first child. Do you still remember, in my older post I told you that my right hand got irritated after wrapped for 1,5 months with a bandage when I got an accident 3 months ago? *Thank God that my hand is functioning well now*. So after 3 kinds of medicines from the doctor and my hand is not getting better so I decided to go the dermatologist.

I arrived in the hospital sat down in the lobby alone (because there is no patient at that time..only me) and my name was being called by the nurse. I came in and sat down in front of the doctor. The doctor seemed didn’t notice that his patient was there infront of him already since he was still busy looking at his computer. I don’t have any idea what he was typing but then I decided to wait and kept silent.

Until couple of minutes he finally said “yes, why? What happened?”(no eye contact).
I was expecting him to greet me first and look at my face for a second, just like with the other doctor. “Ya ibu joice ada Keluhan apa?” Instead he just said “ya kenapa?” Without looking at me and he continued looking at his computer. *Sad*

Then I told him about my case, about what happened with my hand. He didn’t even asked me what kind of medicine that I have tried and so on. Instead, I was the one whose busy telling him everything. I showed my elbow (the worst part) and he turned on the light (special lamp/light for checking) looking at it for 5 seconds only and he sat down on his chair then he wrote the medicine that I should take. But after that he looked at his computer again. He didn’t even mentioned what kind of irritation is this until I asked him. He ansewered “ya ini dermatitis” . He said that very fast, and again without even looking at me. His mind seemed not in that room but somewhere else.

I asked few questions related to my case but his answer always flat and still, he was busy looking at his computer and sometimes to the paper. He then finished writing for my medicine and told me how to use and consume the medicine (with very fast explanation) he just took a glance at me then I wanted to make sure about the medicine so I asked him one more time. So that’s it! The nurse opened the door (a sign to end the consultation) and I went out with big dissapointment. I was in that room not even 10 minutes with that kind of dermatologist and I paid Rp 264.000! Just for the doctor. A very pleasant and smart doctor! Really! I was very upset but I stayed calm.

On my way to the cashier, I was thinking that I need to do something with this and it has to be elegant :)))). So, while waiting for my medicine I sat down and there was a hospital staff there infront of me. So I spontaneously saying that I was very dissapointed with the doctor who I just met and it’s like a fool paying 264 thousand rupiahs just for that silly appointment. I said, if I know the service of the doctor is dissapointing I’d rather go to the public hospital/ government one. All the more, this hospital has 2 classes when you want to go for consultation, the regular one and the executive one. This doctor was in an executive place that is why it was a bit more expensive than the regular one. I paid Rp.390.000 for all of them (cosultation+medicine).

So that staff who was talking to me offered me whether or not I want to write my suggestion or my complaint about this doctor. So I said: Yes please!

Then the other staff came and I retold the story because she asked me. Then after that, she gave a piece of paper for me to write my complaint. Once again I said “I am dissapointed”. What do you think about my case? So you think my reaction is too much after seeing this kind of doctor?

maap tulisan ampe acak adut gitu..mungin efek sedikit esmosiii :)

Forgive my messy handwriting–

Oh… I am speechless!

Have a nice weekend anyway!


23 thoughts on “I’m Your Patient, Please Look At Me!

  1. Sabar ya Mbak. Sudah bagus banget cara Mbak “mengingatkan” dokter itu, kalau menurut saya. Dokter yang seperti itu ternyata juga ada ya–padahal edukasi pada pasien itu sangat penting dan menurut saya mestinya disyaratkan. Soalnya diskusi tentang penyakit dengan dokter itu bagi saya menyamankan banget buat kita pasien supaya tidak khawatir dan stres dengan penyakit yang diidap.

    Semoga besok-besok ada peningkatan pelayanan dari sang dokter :amin.

  2. How rude of him Jo! I wonder whether physicians in training get a lesson how to approach their patients.

    Mudah-mudahan komplain kamu dihandle yang bener ya. Btw, itu tulisan bagus banget πŸ™‚

    • Iya rude memang dokternya. Kayak ga menghargai pasien gitu mba yo. Namanya kan pasien pengen nanya2 kan ya…tapi dia semacam ogah2an gitu. Sebel jadinya, makanya aku komplain ke pihak RS.

      Thank u mba yo. Itu tulisan dalam keadaan sedikit esmosi padahal…hihiii

  3. Males memang kalo seperti itu, kita kan periksa bukan mo minta obat. Tapi konsultasi, sigh!
    Tapi lumayan juga ada fasilitas pengaduan gitu, kupikir responnya malah mau ngomelin kitanya πŸ™‚

    • Malesin banget emang Nad. Iya aku juga ke dokter pengen tau banyak ttg penyakitku kan. Iya mudah2an ada perbaikan deh sama pelayanan mereka

  4. Wahhh. Gak enak banget itu rasanya ya Mbak Jo. Dateng bayar mahal dicuekin gak periksa banget2 pula.
    Memang skrg RS menerapkan komputerisasi tapi shrsnya kontak dg pasien tetap ya mbak. Moga komplainnya ditanggapi dengan baik ya Mbak.

    • Memang..rasanya ga enak banget. Iya wakru dia nulis2 resep sih dia sambil liat2 komputer (kayaknya berhubungan ama resep) tapi sejak aku masuk ruangannya dia lagi liatin kompinya…dan ga nengok ke aku …errrr gemessssh

  5. I would have been very disappointed as well. Part of doctor’s profession is communicating with his/her patients, and this doctor clearly did not do this part well.

  6. How rude! Kalo begitu gw sih udha bakal bilang ke muka dokternya Jo. What are you so busy about so that you don’t have time even to give your attention to me who is paying you right now while I’m here. Hahaha. Seriusan gw bakal bilang gitu.

    • Laki gue juga bilang gitu ke gw dan. Dia bakal bilang langsung depan muka dokternya… hmmm tapi aku anaknya penakut gitu kakkk.. *lolll disiremmm es*

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