A Bowl Of Happiness : Asinan Gedung Dalam

What makes me happy?
The answer is FOOD! Hehehe…
Sate Padang is my number one comfort food (as I always told you right?) And I’m so in love with all the Manadonese Food (all kinds of them! The halal one of course). But have I told you that seeing one bowl of Asinan Gedung Dalam will makes me smiling from ear to ear? Yesss that is why I call it as A BOWL OF HAPPINESS. Ahhhh I will never leave Bogor without bringing those asinan home.

I became their huge fan since long time ago and I think I should say that their asinan buah is the best so far. The fruits are just perfect, the peanuts, and sour,salty and sweetness ohhhhh This asinan is to die for! You may add the chilli if you like spicy. Yesterday we went to Bogor bringing our kids to Kuntum Farm Fields and of course never leave Bogor before dropping by to this Asinan Gedung Dalam. Then we stopped and I bought 6 pax of asinan buah. It cost 20 thousand rups/pax now and I think the price is still worth it.

There were always lots of loyal customers who would like to buy their asinan. But don’t worry, they will provide enough stocks as they keep making or packing the asinan the whole day. Can you imagine how rich is the owner of this asinan? Hahaha! I imagine they earn lots of money from this delicious asinan as they alwyas the number one favorite in Bogor. Well, I don’t know if there is another yummy asinan in Bogor, please tell me if there is. Anyway, they actually have one branch in Manga Besar, Jakarta. So, if you really craving for it, Gojek is the answer to your craving. Hehe

So, what is your bowl of happiness? Is it Ramen? Meatball? Or maybe Hong Tang the famous Taiwan desert?
Well for me, this Asinan Gedung Dalam is my forever bowl of happiness. The one to die for!

My bowl of happiness, asinan gedung dalam

My bowl of happiness, asinan gedung dalam