She’s So Lucky, And Her Name Is Viera!

It was on 2007, the first time I met her. Her name is Viera. We met in Atma Jaya campus when we took Lingusitic for our master degree. Viera was a banker and she is now working in one of department in government office. She has a british accent (which I admire so much) She is not tall and has a sweet smile. Another thing I know from her is, she is a SMART and a very kind person. I love to talk with her and we tend to sit together when the class began.

I came all the way from Cengkareng to Sudirman area with public transportation and I always arrived late in the classroom with messy hair and tired face (after teaching in school). I always thought that I might be the latest person arrived in the classroom. Our class started at 4.30 p.m and I arrived 10-15 minutes late almost everyday. But suddenly when the class is silent, we heard the door opened and there you go, our beloved Viera with grasak grusuk style finally has arrived and of course with her innocent face too…Lol… 30 minutes lates sometimes. Hahahahaha…. *ada yang lebih parah dari akik ya bokkk!*

Anyway, I wrote this post because I miss her so much. The last time we hang out together was during the concert of The Cardigans and that was 3 years ago. I will let her read this post because this writing is dedicated to my very lucky friend, and her name is VIERA!

Why do I call her lucky girl? It started when she suddenly invited me to join her to Bali for FREE! what?? for free? well, not really free because we need to buy the ticket by ourselves. Yes, so Viera my lucky girl just won a quiz in a magazine.

1)She can ask one friend to be with her for free accomodation in Mercure Hotel for 3 days and 2 night (of course including breakfast)

2) We can have free all you can eat Barbeque dinner by the pool and watching Balinese dancers in Mercure, Kuta-Bali

3) We can join the Surfing school from Oddesey (you remember my yesterday’s post about surfing?)

4) The last but not least, we could have free SPA and massage from the hotel.

5) Oh I forgot the other thing, that they provide the driver and car for us to pick us up from the airport and drop us back to the airport on the day we check out. WHAT A PLEASANT HOLIDAY!

Ok before I tell you about how lucky this girl is, let me tell you first about our unforgettable trip in Bali with all the free things we got from that magazine.

We did so many good things while we were in Bali. We hang out in Hard rock cafe, ¬†went clubbing to Kama Sutra on the other night. Oh we didn’t get drunk just enjoying the music. We had surfing school, and lovely barbeque night by the pool. We had a crush on one Japanese guy who sat alone on that night…hmmm nyesel deh ga kenalan ya ver…*gatelll makkk?* LOL

We had a good spa too. So there was a drama actually happened before we went to Bali. We bought our ticket already but suddenly a week before the D day, I got chicken pox. Oh my! luckily my chicken pox not so annoying because I went to the doctor right away after I noticed it. So the funny thing was, when we were in the spa room ready to get massage and the lady who was about to massage me was a bit surprised to see some of my chicken pox on my back. Well, not many but still look disgusting for her. HAHAHAHA maap ye mbakkk! kapan lagi bisa SPA gratissss tisss! Don’t worry, we gave tips for them.

Another drama from this trip was, we were actually on our MID TEST in the campus but crazily, we went to BALI during the weekend. To make things worse, the Grammar mid test was on Monday. So we didn’t study at all. But God is so good to us, that few hours before the test began, we arrived in the campus and we met Tika our classmate who has taken the test already because she needs to do something, and guess what? our dearest Tika gave us almost all the questions in the test. So, we have few hours to prepare ourselves to study on the topic that Tika has told us. Oh thank you Tik!

I believe that Viera is such a lucky girl, that is why even in the hard situation like our grammar mid test above, we always got a solution. HAHAHAHA….Anyway enough telling about our Bali Trip. Now let us talk about HOW LUCKY THIS GIRL IS!

So, not long after she won our Bali trip from magazine, she also won a trip to Malaysia from one of the traveling program on MetroTV. Wowwwww! Verrrr! unfortunately she didn’t ask me anymore for that trip *yeeee ngarepp!! hahaha maunya ya jooo gratisan mulu* instead, she went there with her mom. She told me that she had another pleasant trip.

The years after, Viera and I met for a dinner reunion and there she told me that she won SAMSUNG TAB from one of teh botol sosro that she just bought. Ya ampunnn nih anak super lucky banget! menang samsung tab dari tutup teh botol sosro. I believe she has more lucky stories but that was the last time I heard from her and never had a chitchat anymore because we’re too busy with our own life. Anyway, I just remembered that we actually met two years ago, I was wrong saying our last met 3 years ago on the concert. So 1 year after The cardigans concert, we met and hang out in a nice cafe near her office. I came to her office and that was a lovely evening. She is a nice person to talk with. Unfortunately, she is now working in Bandung, so it is kinda difficult to hang out again with her. One of my loveliest friend in Atma Jaya who always become my partner when we had presentation. I remember our first presentation in Sociolinguistic class. Right, Vier?

do you know someone whose very lucky like Viera? Have a nice weekend fellaz


Viera my surfing buddy

Viera my surfing buddy

enjoying sunset

enjoying sunset


barbeque dinner by the pool

barbeque dinner by the pool



Joeyz-who misses Viera