“Can’t Wait” Moments…..

Sometimes when I feel bored with my daily routines : wake up at 4.30 a.m, cook our meal, prepare my duo G to school, driving to work (bring the kids along with me), teaching, going back home with duo G, do the chores, play with duo G, sleep,wake up again 4.30 a.m…then repeat, repeat, repeat. It’s normal if you will feel bored sometimes, rite?

So what do I do to make myself feel happy? Once in a while uppa and I went to cinema watching movie, but since no more mamak and no more mba Sari so we never had a date anaymore. Instead, we just watch dvd at home once the kids are sleeping. Hahahaha cheap date ya bok!

Recently uppa allowed me to watch the cinema by myself. There is a very near cinema near our house, its cinemaxx and only 10 minutes away from our house. Aaahhh I am so happy. So Uppa and I take turn to watch. We have never tried bringing our kids to cinema and we plan not to introduce them for now (dunno until when).

Well, those watching things really makes me happy. I also read some books to make this heart beating again, feel fresh and ready to start my daily routine again. However, there are times that I still feel bored even with those ‘me time’ thingy. For me, to make my mind and heart happy is to think about what exciting moments are waiting ahead? Yeah…so I will share to you 5Β “can’t wait”Β moments that will make me feel happy and energized everytime I am thinking about it. Ok check these out:

1) I can’t wait for next week because my mom will finally back home after her visit to US. Yeayyyy!!! Opung daycare is open again.. hahahahaha… but poor my sista because I know she needs my mom more than us here. But mom needs to be with her husband too, rite? Anyway its been 4 months since she stayed there. Have a safe trip mak! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€

2) I can’t wait for February 28. If you know what event is that. Ahhhh I am so excited but I won’t spill it out here. I hope it will happen. Promise will tell you here after the event. *deg2serrr* πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

3) I can’t wait for March 18 because…Oh my God!!!! ALLEGIANT PART 1 will be on cinemas…..woohooooooooo can’t wait this one! Really I am so very very excited. See you soon my darling Theo James *lirik Christa..hahahaha*


4) I can’t wait for March 21 because we will have term break holiday. Ahhhhh I always love holiday even just staying at home. Its one week holiday, btw.

5) I can’t wait for March 26 because its my ndul’s 4th birthday. OMG!! Is he Four, soon???? Awwwwww I always love my kids’ birthdays..its like a reflection moment for me. What have I done to my kids? What will I do for them? What do I do without them? Pokoke mewek moment dah! But love it..dunno why. Anyway, anybody want to guess what birthday theme that he has been requested to me? Yeahhh this lil cheeky monkey knows how to request now….huhuhu big boy sayangnya mama….laffffff 😍😍😘😚

So, thats all for now about my “Can’t wait” moments. Care to share your “Cant wait moments”?

43 thoughts on ““Can’t Wait” Moments…..

  1. Ga ada..hahaha..lg lempeng banget deh..
    Etapi, wait for new korean drama series by Park Seo-Joon (hahaha..penting banget deh) tapi ga tau ini kapan keluarnya 😒

  2. Gue nungguin IEP hoahahahaha. Tiap hari udah kayak orang rada rada ngeliatin e-mail PO nya IEP πŸ˜†
    Oya nungguin novel death series nya JD Robb yang baru, terus nungguin gajian, dan nungguin tanggal resign hoahahahaha

  3. Aku ga sabar pengen cepet2 selesai ujian bahasa Belanda, soalnya setelah ujian mau liburan ke negara tetangga. Dan sama kayak Maya, ga sabar pengen pegang IEP soalnya udah ikutan PO, tinggal nyariin siapa yg mau ke Belanda trus aku nitip bawa bukunya haha. Sama ga sabar bulan Juni😁 penasaran 28 Februari Jo πŸ˜…

  4. Aku nungguin nomer 3 jugaaaakk hahahahahahaa… nungguin jadwal liburan berikutnya (masih direncanakan belum bilang2 dulu takut jinx hihihihi), sama nungguin si pacar pulang.. *eh* :))))))))

    Btw ada apa tgl 28 Feb? bentar lagi doongggg hehehe ikut semangat buatmu deh! πŸ˜€

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