Getting The Spirit Of Baking Again

Oh, hellowwww happy people! It is a long weekend and I know you must be very happy, even If you don’t plan to go anywhere I am sure we are all happy to pause for a while and take a break from our routine/work. Well, at least I have been at home since 2,5 weeks ago when I was sick and continued with one week holiday.

Since last week, I have no idea what to do for my son’s 4th birthday tomorrow. Yes I have planned many things for his birthday party even since few months before, but all plan has ruined by… hmmm yes by the thypoid huhuhu πŸ˜•πŸ˜‘

I have been wondering wether or not I bake for his birthday. Honestly, I have lost the spirit of baking since Mba sari left me. Hikssss! I miss her so much, we are still texting each other sometimes. She is my partner in the kitchen, she is the one who help me to clean and wash my dirty bowls, mixer and checking the oven, etc. Oh mba Sari we want you back.

Since no more mba Sari, of course I reject the orders for my cupcakes (some of my previous customers were asking me to bake again for their kids’ birthday party). Some friends of mine were waiting for me to bake again especially the teachers at school. They said they miss my cupcakes already. Especially the red velvet ones. Ohhh I am flattered 😍

I am trying to find the spirit of baking again. It is not easy to find the spirit again but when I read some of the testimonies from friends about my cucpcakes belows……








Then, there it is I finally come back to the kitchen this morning making the cream cheese topping for the red velvet cupcakes and making the chocolatte topping for my devil food cupcake. Now I will start to bake the cake. For me, making the topping first is very important because usually the topping is one of the hardest part. So now, let start baking again! Yeayyyyy!!!! Finally the spirit is here already!! Wish me luck for making 100 cupcakes today (for the church tomorrow) Moga2 ga bantet ya cuyyy! Happy weekend all 😍😍😍

Joeyz The cucpcake maker

49 thoughts on “Getting The Spirit Of Baking Again

  1. gak semua cewe bs masak dan doyan masak. you’re gifted then, mama G πŸ™‚ . semangat ! siapa tau nt bisa buat bakery ya.

    • Ahahahaha….too bad Kue Momma G nya sedang tutup mba shin…entah sampai kapan. Ini baking lagi dalam rangka ultah si Ndul besok di gereja dan Selasa di sekolah… ini aja pinggang dah mau patah hihihi…

  2. Semangat Jooo! By the time I type this I’m pretty sure the cupcakes are already set. Semoga baking spiritnya will always be there yaaa! πŸ™‚

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