Biar Ringkeussss….

So here I am, with my new haircut. I chopped it really short. Back to my previous haircut sometimes ago ….(yeah 9 years ago I have the same hair style)

“Why? Sayang tau Jo…rambut panjang lurus hitam kok dipotong pendek banget?”

Some of my friends said so. Why? My answer will be: BIAR RINGKEUSSS, sis!!

Yes, I feel that having a long hair is kinda wasting my time in the morning (wash it longer time, dry it longer and comb it longer time too). As I know know that I have pretty crazy and hectic morning almost every day so I think its a good idea to chop this hair short. I even let Kakak G to have the same harcut like mine. Yeayyy I will save 10 minutes at least every morning because of this short hair.

Anyway, I used to have a red hair when my hair is short, I don’t know why I’m not confident enough to have it black  unless my hair is long (am I weird enough?). So, it’s been 3 years I let my hair grow long and back to my original hair color (which is of course BLACK). Do I regret to chop this hair short? yeah, a bit! but then I need to save time in the morning in order not be late to work!

So, yeahhh! Welcome to the RINGKEUSS DAYS!
Goodbye long hair! and Hello short hair!


Cut it really short (still with black hair,my original hair color)


Left: 2007, Right: 2016 now (I dye it red yesterday but not so obvious maybe after 1 month it will look brighter red)


Joeyz, #TeamShortHair 😁