Coming Back

What if you have to resign from one company and you get a new job that you think its better than the previous one. But  in the middle of adjusting yourself to the new working place, you feel that its even worse than your work before. At the same time when you feel that you can’t handle it anymore, suddenly your previous company keep calling you to come back because they thought its only you the best person who is capapble of doing the work. Now you are in dilemma and you don’t know what to do. Will you come back? Or you you just stay and fight (though you know the work is unbearable anymore). On the other hand, you still need to work because you got lots of responsibilities in your life. If you come back, will it be better? If you stay, will it be worth it? Well, life is full of choices Huhhhh?

Ps: This is not about me. I still love with my working place for these past 7 years. I am just asking what if you have this condotion.


32 thoughts on “Coming Back

  1. Lucky you that you still have chance to return to your previous office. That is not happen to me. When I realize that the current company is ..well.. how can i describe it.. uh.. suck, I can’t go back to my previous one becoz there is no chance for me to do so. I am sad, feeling gloomy, feeling depressed most of the time but life must go on. Perhaps I’m goin’ to resign, who knows? hahaha. well, the point of my comment is just stay with the one that makes you happy the most.. (yeup, I kindda copy paste the first comment hehehe) πŸ™‚

  2. Aku pernah denger statement bahwa kita sbaiknya gak resign saat kits merasa jenuh/bosen, krna bosen itu bisa dtg lg bahkan d tmpat yg kita pikir lbh baik dr sbelumnya. Nah skrg tinggal drunut kembali, knapa kmrn milih resign, dan bener tu bkin list +/- nya^^ and also follow your heart haha

  3. Setuju dengan pendapat-pendapat di atas… ditimbang-timbang dengan rinci apa plus dan minusnya, terus baru menilai apa lebih baik bertahan dan berjuang atau berhenti dan kembali ke yang lama (cuma kalau kembali mesti ada plus yang lebih banyak ya :hehe :peace). Jangan lupa bahagia juga dengan keputusan yang diambil, apa pun itu, karena itu pasti merupakan yang terbaik… :hehe.

  4. Kalau aku, mungkin dilihat dulu, resign dr perusahan sebelumnya karena apa, kalau memang the same reason like this one, yah gak balik lagi sih ke perusahaan lama. In a mean while, kalau aku resign, berarti karena gak cocok kerja di perusahaan itu, jadi aku pilih gak balik..

  5. Inget past experiencenya aja, Joice. Company sebelumnya berakhir baik atau ngga. Kalau berakhir baik, ya no problem utk balik. Uang itu menurut gue justru jadi nomer 2, apalagi kalau jumlahnya mirip2, working enviroment itu nomer 1. Soalnya happiness org itu kebawa sampai ke rumah. Kalau di kantor gak happy, org di rumah juga ngerasa.

  6. if that was me, I would go back to my first job with some conditions. Tell them why you were not happy when you still worked there and ask the employer to improve it! Open a discussion. Because now you know that you are wanted, and the control is on you!

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