Mother’s Day With Duo G At School

Last Friday we were able to celebrate mother’s day at school. I was so happy since I have to attend 3 celebrations on the same day. 1st I have to attend My son’s class at 9.30 till 10.30 then 11 to 12 I will conduct the mother’s day celebration in my own class and to my daughter’s class afterward. Super tired but of course double fun!

In ndul’s classroom, the mommies were sitting on the chairs and the kids were presenting a song for the moms. We continued with games. They kids were feeding the mommies with cake provided by the teachers and I was smiling ear to ear because my son look so sweet when spooning a piece of cake to me. After we ate the cake, we need to do some crafts together. We made crown for the child and the clothes for the moms. Both are made from newspaper, then we took picture together. Thank you ndul!


Right after finish from my son’s class, I went back to my class to arrange the table, the cupcakes that I made and all the details including the rundown with my students. I don’t know why but I always feel excited eveytime we have special events at school though the preparation makes me tired. I asked the kids to line up and they welcome their moms infront of the door, put a sticker on their moms’ shirt saying “world’s best mom”. Each of them will hold their moms’hands to find their seat and pull a chair for their moms.

I chose few kids to lead the programme and they did a very good job (yeayy! I don’t need to talk much hahaha) well it was a good chance too for them to practice their confidence and their speaking skill. After they welcome the parents they sang ‘ Kasih Ibu’. The moms looked so excited but they got more excited when we continued the next program. Each children take turn one by one to read a journal (an essay) that have been written by themselves, It tells about how and why they love their moms. They said “I love my mom because my mom is pretty, my mom can make pancake, my mom can make an aeroplane from a paper, my mom’s favorite color is blue, my mom likes to watch movie, my move loves doraemon, my mom likes to play with me. Etc”

Don’t you think those are sweet? The moms were smiling with tear of joy because right after the children read the journals they came to their moms giving the journal that they read and saying ‘happy mother’s day mom’ and gave a big kiss. Ahhhh mommies’ hearts melted…one of thw mom said that IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!😛😛😍😍

After all the kids got their turn reading the journals about mom, we sang a nother song “You are my mommy my only mommy”. Well, actually its a song from ‘you are my sunshine” I change the lyric ‘sunshine’ into ‘mommy’. The children got the red velvet cupcake that I have provided and they gave it to their moms. We took picture together and had a mommy-child on the frame. We played musical chair games until all very tired bcause we really had fun laughing out loud. We were all very happy.



After I dismiss the mommies and kids in my class then I rushed into my daughter’s classroom. Because kakak G is in Kindergarten 2 (the same level with the class I am teaching) so more or less our programme were just the same. Kakak G came to me in front of the door, held my hands and pull me a chair. Well, I missed the song because I was still in my class before. It’s kakak G’s turn to read her journal to me. Kakak G said ” I love my mommy because my mommy coloring with me, make cupcake, and I am happy when my mom bring me to Ancol.” Lol…. the last line made me laugh. Why? Yeah ofcourse because once in a month we always spend our Sunday Morning in Ancol. We just like it to be there and I was so happy knowing that kakak G cherish that moment.


I want to create more and more sweet memories in your mind kak! I hope the sweet memories that we created together will erase the bad one (yeah the bad one means when I turned into a witch..hahaha kalau lagi marah2 berasa kek nenek sihir kan yeee). I try hard every day not to get angry with you even you gave me headache when you keep nagging about something (well, still I need to put lots o effort on it).

Thank you for such a beautiful day, a day to remind us of how blessed we are to be a mom. I feel blessed with two little cheeky monkeys given to me. Their presence in my life has made ups and downs, sometimes a bit depressed when they got sick, when they refused to eat the food that I have prepared and cooked. Somehow I felt that they has taken all of my “Happy ‘me’ Time”. I have to deal with my ego, I have to work harder to earn some money so that I will be able to give the best thing for them. I have to do this and that. But all things that I have done is nothing compare with the love that they have towards me as a mother. All is nothing compare with the smile and laugh that we share every single day. All is nothing without words that came out through their sweet mouth.

To my dearest Duo G….. thank you for your presence in my life. I might not be a perfect mother (because there is none) but I will try my best to show you my very best part to love you, to take care of you until you don’t need me anymore (well I hope you will still need me forever>>possesive mom detected hahahaha)… lets cherish the moment, lets create more and more good memories together because we cannot turn back time.

I love you with all my heart that beating!!! Mmmuaahhhhhhh 😘😘😘😘😘