Day 3: Tell About An Article Of Clothing That You’re Deeply Attached To

So what’s the clothing that I am deeply attached to? I think I don’t have to write long paragraph for today’ challenge. The picture below will tell you more about it, so please have a look (dasar narsis!!πŸ˜‚)

@kept__ is my favorite brand for clothing!! Simple and comfortable (anddddd fit me hahahaha)

Yes, I was so addicted to this clothing line 2 years a go , you can check @kept__ on IG. The three dresses above are from @kept__ and I found it in Instagram (the most poisonous Social media because of many cool stuffs you can peep and buy thereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

I usually wear them to the church and it feels so comfy and the colors are mostly black, white or grey. I actually trying so hard not to visit their IG anymore (because I can’t stand not to order and buy..hikssss the biggest temptation everπŸ˜‰). The thing I like from their product is, the simplicity and they look so comfy when we wear them.

For a casual attire of course I love jeans and t-shirt. However, I am no longer have a good relationship with jeans pants since 7 years a go (when I gain weight till 23kg) Its kinda stressful and feel pressured everytime I want to try or fit in to my body. I have a huge tigh ( always stuck there) so that is one main reason why jeans and I are no longer in a good relationship. I only have two jeans for now and I rarely wear them.

What to wear for work? Ok mostly I wear pants and shirt because I am dealing with little kids at school so I have to put on my most comfortable attire yet still look polite and semi formal. 3 or 4 years a go when Ikat pants were so famous, I ordered 1 from an online shop and then I have more and more (buying the cloth only and ask the tailor made the pants). I love those ikat pants so I wore them to school for about 1 year almost everyday.


Ikat pants almost every day

Ok thats all for Challenge day 3 (OMG, this post is longer than I thougt πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ)



25 thoughts on “Day 3: Tell About An Article Of Clothing That You’re Deeply Attached To

  1. Ikat pants nya dari Prettyyoungthings bukaaaan 😘. Gara2 Joice inilah gw jadi bela beli ke Beatrice! Lol.. nanti mau kepo2 Kept aaaaah πŸ™ˆ

    • Hahaha Iya dari PYT yang susah bener belinyaaa saking banyak peminat. Jadi gue berhasil beli 1x trus gue beli bahan aja di thamrin city trus gue jaitin di tkg jahit pake pola yg dari pyt (duh maaf ya sel..bukan krna ga mau beli di pyt..permasalahannya gue keabisan mulu waktu itu saking larisnya dia)

      Hahaha beatrice juga favorite dil. Kept ini enak gobor2 alias gedong cynnn..pas buat nutupin tetelan lemak dkk hahaha

  2. waaah canggih kamu kayak dila.. survivor pembeli instagram shop.. tp emang bajumu lucu2 Jp.. aku ngintip jg ah.. walau sdh pst gak cocok klo midi dress gitu hahahhaa

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